These Cannabis Fragrances Actually Smell Great (We Swear)

Cannabis beauty products are trending, but when it comes to fragrance, many of us are afraid to embrace the herbal aroma. (Weed’s trademark scent can be off-putting, not something we want to spray all over.) But believe it or not, there are some cannabis-based scents that smell downright delightful.

The trick when shopping for cannabis fragrances is to always go for richer, more complex bases, preferably ones without a strong fruity finish. Bergamot or moss accord add a real richness to cannabis’ earthy notes, transforming it into a scent you’ll be more than willing to rock all day long.

The other key is to stick to your usual go-to scents and look for perfumes boasting hints of cannabis-infused oil or flowers. And don’t shy away from florals — they often complement cannabis well and bring out its freshness.

Here are the best perfumes that’ll make you a cannabis convert.