The Best Blue Shampoos to Help Your Newly Lightened Locks Last Longer

Those annoying, hard to get rid of brassy tones that show up after you lighten your dark hair are a real pain in the butt. But there is a way to tackle the pesky side effect of coloring your strands: blue shampoo.

The best blue shampoos come with color-correcting pigments and deposit blue tones to help tone down any visible orange tints in your weeks-old lightened locks. They basically give your strands a lift and banish patchy pops of color and contrasting ends. Plus, they have strong color-preserving properties to help your hair hold on to the right color longer.

Blue shampoos are essential for brunettes transitioning to a lighter color, but they can also be used by anyone boasting naturally brown locks looking for a slight change from a basic brown shade. But not all blue shampoos are created equal.

So we went ahead and rounded up the best of the bunch that not only help your dye job stick around, they even moisturize and condition your mane for softer, shinier strands.