8 Silk Pillowcases to Help You Wake Up to Healthier Skin and Hair

You’ve probably got your nighttime skin care routine down pat. Cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye cream and maybe even one of those trendy sleeping masks. But what if we told you that there’s something else you can do to increase the efficacy of all those essentials?

A silk pillowcase is the easy way to ensure your skin care routine does what it’s designed to do. Unlike their cotton counterparts, silk pillowcases are friction-free so they don’t tug or stretch your skin as you’re catching your zzzs. That means no sleep creases that can turn into wrinkles. Silk can also help your skin care products stay on your face instead of the pillowcase so they can actually do their job.

And they’re not just good for your skin. Silk pillowcases also cut down on frizz and the dreaded bedhead. That’s because the smooth fabric lets your hair move without building up static electricity. They’ll also help your blowout stick around longer.

Now that we’ve made the case for silk pillowcases, it’s time to get shopping. Here are the eight best ones that’ll help you sleep soundly knowing your skin and hair are in good hands.