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Elizaveta Porodina Captures Christian Dior’s Vibrant Fall 2021 Campaign

Christian Dior clearly loves switching campaign photographers. Paola Mattioli, Lean Lui, Elina Kechicheva and Brigitte Niedermair already stepped behind the lens. Now it’s Elizaveta Porodina’s turn since the photographer was enlisted to shoot the brand’s Fall 2021 campaign. Essoye Mombot, Maryel Uchida, Sade van der Hoeven along with Steinberg star in the eye-catching images.

Christian Dior F/W 2021.22 : Steinberg, Sade, Maryel & Essoye by Elizaveta Porodina


The campaign divided our forums, however. “Boring and terribly unimaginative considering what they had to work with at Versailles…” noted an obviously disappointed Frederic01.

“I like the photography, however, the clothes are awful and the models are just not all that,” declared a definitely dismayed Scotty.

“Beautiful lighting and photography cannot hide terrible fashion,” agreed GivenchyHomme.

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“A stronger cast of models and more flattering beauty styling could’ve elevated the outcome somewhat, but I don’t exactly loathe this,” confessed vogue28.

“This might be Maria Grazia Chiuri’s best campaign yet?” wondered RedSmokeRise.

“Looks amazing to me, even with the weak models,” stated an absolutely impressed guimon.

FashionMuseDior is certainly a fan: “It’s a great one for me. Finally a campaign where you can see some sort of effort put in.”

Christian Dior F/W 2021.22 : Steinberg, Sade, Maryel & Essoye by Elizaveta Porodina


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Jennifer Hudson Strikes a Pose on InStyle’s August 2021 Cover

Not even a pandemic could bring InStyle to a grinding halt. The magazine dropped buzzworthy covers featuring Jennifer Lopez, Andra Day and Salma Hayek over recent months. Now Jennifer Hudson joins its A-list roster with the singer and actress fronting the August 2021 issue. Captured by Chrisean Rose and styled by Law Roach, Jennifer wears pieces from Miu Miu’s Fall 2021 collection serving up a modern spin on 20s glamour for the newsstand cover image.

US InStyle August 2021 : Jennifer Hudson by Chrisean Rose


Unfortunately, the cover proved to be a major disappointment. “I was very excited at the prospect of a Jennifer Hudson cover, but good god…what in the hell is this?” asked aracic.

“The saddest part about this is the absolute waste of Jennifer Hudson,” Benn98 pointed out.

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“We don’t exactly get Jennifer Hudson on the covers of fashion magazines every year and we end up with this? Law Roach has to be the most overrated stylist working today!” echoed vogue28.

Urban Stylin shared the same sentiment: “They did her bad with this cover looks more like a tired woman who just did a double shift.”

“Terrible. They did her dirty here, come on! InStyle can do much better!” proclaimed WAVES.

“When a woman is badass, don’t shoot her like she’s needing to sit down from standing in those shoes,” voiced tigerrouge.

“Needs more life! I’m a bit disappointed, it’s always nice to see Jennifer getting embraced by fashion, but this ain’t it,” said FashionMuseDior.

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Steven Meisel Photographs Alyda Grace, Achenrin Madit and Lexi Boling for Ports 1961’s 60th Anniversary Campaign

Ports 1961 is up there with heavyweight brands like Christian Dior and Prada in the eyes of our forum members. It’s all thanks to Karl Templer and Fabien Baron’s vision for the label since becoming co-creative directors back in 2019. From the get-go, the creative twosome secured forum favorite Steven Meisel as the fashion house’s campaign photographer. A series of splendid campaigns came our way for Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and now Fall 2021. To celebrate its monumental 60th anniversary, Meisel returns to capture models Alyda Grace, Achenrin Madit and Lexi Boling for a series of flawless black and white portraits.

Ports 1961 F/W 2021.22 : Alyda, Achenrin & Lexi by Steven Meisel


Once again Ports 1961’s campaign was declared a triumph. “Ports 1961 giving us the goods as usual,” applauded GERGIN.

“Who else could make such a simple studio photoshoot so effortlessly captivating and beautiful? Brilliant campaign as expected. Meisel has still got such an excellent eye for new models! I’ve never heard of Alyda before, but she’s stunning in both images, the close-up is stellar! Also great to see old favorite Lexi again as well as Achenrin who looks magnificent,” praised aracic.

“Alyda looks stunning! Awesome to see Meisel shooting her. Achenrin’s looking gorgeous as usual,” approved guimon.

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“Templer just knows what it takes to produce a successful campaign. It’s just so elegant…” admired YohjiAddict.

“Just like every other advertising campaign Steven Meisel has produced for Ports 1961, this is an absolute dream. I’m always one for Meisel’s crisp black and white studio shoots and this is no exception,” proclaimed vogue28.

“As per usual, Steven Meisel is involved and this is fabulous, nothing new. I will never get tired of him ever. Not a single living or passed photographer compares to his genius,” raved dontbeadrag.

“Stunning, simple and classic,” described WAVES.

Ports 1961 F/W 2021.22 : Alyda, Achenrin & Lexi by Steven Meisel


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Monica Bellucci and Her Daughter Deva Cassel Front Vogue Italia’s July 2021 Issue

Mothers and daughters covering Vogue is certainly nothing new. We’ve witnessed Priscilla Presley, Natasha Poly, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Kylie Jenner along with Heidi Klum grace the fashion bible alongside their offspring. The latest mother daughter duo comes courtesy of Vogue Italia with the magazine welcoming Monica Bellucci along with her 16-year-old daughter Deva Cassel. Which absolutely makes sense since the issue is dedicated to being 16. Each wears the same Dolce & Gabbana dress picked by Ib Kamara for the images shot by Paolo Roversi.

Vogue Italia July 2021 : Monica Bellucci & Deva Cassel by Paolo Roversi


The outcome definitely divided our forum members, however. “This could have been so much better,” declared an obviously disappointed kokobombon.

“I see Monica’s not passing down many of her modeling tips for her daughter’s Vogue debut,” added an evidently less-than-thrilled tigerrouge.

“Unbelievable to think an Italian icon like Monica Bellucci has never graced the cover of Vogue Italia before! And what’s even more of a travesty is that when Bellucci does, she has to share the moment alongside her 16-year-old daughter who’s done nothing whatsoever to warrant it,” said vogue28.

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“Emanuele Farneti keeps on giving me a headache each month,” critiqued a clearly annoyed cottonmouth13.

Although not everyone was underwhelmed. “This is one of their better covers in recent years. No distracting gimmicks…and Deva is a very pretty girl. I guess I’ll take it. Solid effort!” approved an undoubtedly stoked aracic.

“Though pretentious, I’d totally consider that cover a masterpiece if I were to compare it to their previous covers this year,” echoed crmsnsnwflks.

“Monica looks like a goddess and her daughter is very beautiful. Lovely colors as well,” admired a decidedly impressed mepps.

Vogue Italia July 2021 : Monica Bellucci & Deva Cassel by Paolo Roversi


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Daphne Groeneveld Brings Sexy Back on British ELLE’s August 2021 Cover

The vast majority of us are living out our summer fantasies through our favorite glossies. Thankfully, Vogue Paris, Vogue Greece along with British Harper’s Bazaar have transported us to locations across the globe. Now British ELLE makes us yearn for sun-drenched days down at the beach with an absolutely vibrant August 2021 cover featuring Daphne Groeneveld. The blond Dutch beauty certainly looks like she’s been plucked from the pages of ELLE from the 80s sporting sunglasses and a yellow Norma Kamali swimsuit as she dashes before the lens of Laurie Bartley.

UK Elle August 2021 : Daphne Groeneveld by Laurie Bartley


Of course our forum members are big fans. “I love the setting and burst of yellow because it’s all about an exotic summer that not many of us will have. We do want some escapism at least,” proclaims Benn98.

“Great to see Daphne on a cover. She looks stunning,” raves a definitely delighted mikel.

“It’s a good summer cover, very Sports Illustrated, too! The 80s done well!” approved WAVES.

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“Great summer cover!” exclaims an obviously thrilled liberty33r1b.

FashionMuseDior is clearly in the same frame of mind: “Daphne is bringing sexy back!”

“Glad to see Daphne…reminds me of Hans Feurer’s work with brilliant colors,” said VogueGirl8910.

“I’m always down for covers which evoke French ELLE photographed by Gilles Bensimon during the 80s so the direction of this cover is RIGHT up my street — tan lines included. The colors immediately grab your attention and the cover undoubtedly just encapsulates summer!” declares vogue28.

See more from British ELLE‘s August 2021 cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Molly Constable and Seynabou Cissé Celebrate Body Positivity on the August 2021 Covers of British Harper’s Bazaar

Throughout the years, we’ve often criticized (and commended) British Harper’s Bazaar for delivering us the same style of cover. More often than not, we’re greeted with English stars like Keira Knightley and Rachel Weisz shot in the British countryside. For August 2021, however, Lydia Slater is serving up something completely different with the unveiling of The Body Issue. Molly Constable and Seynabou Cissé transport us to a sun-drenched beach courtesy of photographer Pamela Hanson. Decked out by stylist Shibon Kennedy in Louis Vuitton swimwear for the newsstand cover (below), the models have fun in the sun while celebrating body positivity.

UK Harper’s Bazaar August 2021 : Molly Constable & Seynabou Cissé by Pamela Hanson


“I’m sorry to say but the swimsuits on the cover are really quite awful. For a summer cover? I know the magazine is for a woman of a certain age, but honestly, this is just lazy and unimaginative,” discredited Benn98.

“One for the bin before it’s even arrived,” shared tigerrouge.

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“Dang, what happened?” asked SLFC.

“They really have hit a new low, haven’t they? This cover is truly appalling, one of the worst I have ever seen to be honest. For a start, printed logo Vuitton swimsuits, are they serious? On British Harper’s Bazaar?” complained Frederic01.

“On one hand, I’m able to praise the magazine for moving in a different direction, but the outcome is less than pleasing — especially when Pamela Hanson is involved. A real disappointment of a cover…” declared vogue28.

“Awful. Far better shots in the editorial that would have made a really striking cover,” noted honeycombchild.

UK Harper’s Bazaar August 2021 : Molly Constable & Seynabou Cissé by Pamela Hanson


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