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Lizzo Graces the Cover of Vogue’s October 2020 Issue

There’s definitely a recurring theme when it comes to this year’s Vogue covers. At least so far. Every cover subject (apart from Ashley Graham) has never fronted the magazine before. See Florence Pugh, Billie Eilish and Simone Biles. Following a pair of painted September covers, it’s finally Lizzo’s turn to grace the American fashion bible. For the October 2020 cover, Lizzo poses wearing a red Valentino dress (courtesy of Carlos Nazario) before the lens of Hype Williams.

US Vogue October 2020 : Lizzo by Hype Williams


But the cover clearly falls flat for our forum members. “Hot mess. Nothing works here. From the amateur photography to the unflattering styling,” critiqued avonlea002.

“I can only imagine how much more elevated this would’ve turned out had Ethan James Green been behind the lens. What a total nonevent of a shoot, which reads more like a lookbook than it does a cover story for Vogue! Major, MAJOR disappointment,” voiced vogue28.

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“She deserved to be shot by an actual photographer!” declared russianelf.

“It’s hard to believe that could be the cover. If it is, Anna has left the building and we’re all the last to know,” added tigerrouge.

Mercredi obviously isn’t a fan: “It’s really disturbing to see that zero effort has been made to make this cover. From the cheap-looking dress to the photography everything is wrong here.”

“Lizzo got cheated here for sure. Her energy and charisma are just lost…” honeycombchild chimed in.

Check out Lizzo’s accompanying cover story and share your thoughts here.

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Binx Walton Stuns on Vogue Korea’s ‘Commanding and Sexy’ October 2020 Cover

Glamour is always a good idea, especially during these times of uncertainty and Vogue Korea decided to deliver just that for October 2020. Over the last nine months, the Korean fashion bible’s covers featuring Rianne Van Rompaey, Bella Hadid and Hyun Ji Shin have thrilled us to no end and the title’s latest is no different. Binx Walton serves major face and body in the striking and downright stunning cover photograph shot by Luigi & Iango. Binx wears a black latex number from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2020 collection chosen by stylist Eunyoung Sohn for the shot that leaves us (almost) speechless.

Vogue Korea October 2020 : Binx Walton by Luigi & Iango


The cover was just what our forum members were craving. “FASHION FINALLY. This exudes glamour! This is a Vogue cover,” applauded MON.

“LOVE this! So FASHIONABLE, it’s an exciting image: great clothes, cool pose, superb eye contact — there’s power coming from it. Great job Vogue Korea,” cheered Bertrando3.

“What a cover, looks like she’s being born from a pool of plastic like a vixen Venus,” added YohjiAddict.

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In the same frame of mind was Summer Day: “Wow, Binx looks so commanding and sexy on the cover. So great to see her finally snatching these much-deserved covers.”

Valentine27 was also a fan. “This is a great and strong cover. The best I’ve seen lately, to be fair. Binx is totally serving that pose in the water. The styling mixed with the water on this tiled floor works so well. I just love everything.”

“The best she’s ever looked IMO. The cover is so damn refreshing!” noted marsnoop2.

“I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her dolled up like this, smoky eyes, bronzer, shine…she looks hot!” raved Toni Ahlgren.

The cover feature is a total must-see. Check it out and share your thoughts here.

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Sarah Paulson Deserves Better Than Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Drab’ October 2020 Cover

American Harper’s Bazaar has become notorious for endorsing the same cover subjects time and time again. Now that Samira Nasr is at the helm, things are definitely looking up. Especially with Sarah Paulson fronting the October 2020 issue. The award-winning actress finally gets the recognition she deserves making her long-overdue debut on Bazaar posing before the lens of Sam Taylor-Johnson. For the newsstand cover (below), Sarah sits in a chair wearing an emerald green dress from Valentino’s Fall 2020 collection selected by stylist Paul Cavaco.

US Harper's Bazaar October 2020 : Sarah Paulson by Sam Taylor Johnson


The cover clearly caught the attention of our forum members. “IT’S ABOUT TIME,” proclaimed GERGIN.

“Absolutely! Long overdue. She is amazing. Too bad this cover isn’t,” added mikel.

“A long-overdue cover appearance from Sarah Paulson indeed, but just like that I miss the vibrancy that Glenda Bailey’s covers offered. Despite being appropriate for October, it’s just SO dreadfully dull…” voiced vogue28.

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Echoing the same sentiment was KINGofVERSAILLES: “Looks like Sam Taylor-Johnson is as talented a photographer as she is a film director.”

“I love Sarah Paulson as much as the next person, but this cover is so drab,” dodencebt called out.

“I am so happy to see Sarah, but she deserved better! This cover wouldn’t draw my attention at the newsstand. Say what you wish about Glenda, but her covers stood out and were always vibrant and eye-catching despite often being an eyesore when looked at closely,” commented aracic.

“The new Harper’s Bazaar looks more muted than what it was before, but I’d definitely take this rather than their tacky covers from last year. And YES to Sarah Paulson!” approved crmsnsnwflks.

Check out Sarah’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Chanel’s Fall 2020 Campaign Includes an Impressive Cast

Despite several questionable collections, Virginie Viard’s Chanel advertising campaigns frequently hit the spot. Viard secured Steven Meisel for the brand’s recent handbag campaign. Karim Sadli’s Cruise 2020 ads featuring many models of the moment left us in awe. And we still have Marion Cotillard‘s N°5 fragrance campaign to look forward to toward the end of 2020. A whole assortment of famous faces come together for Chanel’s Fall 2020 campaign captured backstage immediately after the collection’s Paris Fashion Week showcase back in March. Everyone from Adut Akech to Abby Champion to He Cong to Rianne Van Rompaey and a whole lot more pose before the lens of photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for the series of classic black and white images.

Chanel F/W 2020.21 by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


How did Chanel’s latest fare on our forums? “Glad those awful boots are not too prominent, but this could easily have been a Karl Lagerfeld campaign. It’s just so lazy and safe to do a black and white studio campaign for autumn,” critiqued Benn98.

“The art direction is very 80s/90s. The collection was terrible and the campaign is terrible! The styling is dreadful!” voiced Lola701.

“And these pictures are supposed to sell the clothes, the fantasy…” an unimpressed Srdjan chimed in.

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“The more I see the photos individually, the more I love them. Everybody’s selection is just phenomenal. As a campaign for Chanel, I miss richness, exuberance and exclusivity. But honestly campaigns under Karl were even worse,” noted Vitamine W.

Forum member vogue28 wasn’t exactly disappointed: “Can’t blame Chanel whatsoever for repurposing these images caught backstage for the official mainline campaign, especially given the pandemic. It’s pretty genius and Chanel struck lucky by having these at hand.”

“I think it’s chic, timeless, classic,” approved BlueRuin, but do you agree?

Chanel F/W 2020.21 by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


See more from Chanel’s campaign and share your thoughts here.

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Vogue Australia’s September 2020 Cover Features the Work of Indigenous Artist Betty Muffler

We have encountered our fair share of magazine covers featuring various types of artwork during the global health crisis. Like Vogue Italia’s covers drawn by children and American Vogue showcasing the works of Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel. Following Vogue Australia’s collaboration between artist Fiona Lowry and Cate Blanchett for June/July, the magazine hops back on the illustrated cover bandwagon with the unveiling of its September 2020 issue. The publication relies on indigenous artist and traditional healer Betty Muffler’s Ngangkari Ngura (Healing Country) to evoke a sense of hope during the age of COVID-19.

Vogue Australia September 2020 by Betty Muffler


For our forum members, however, the cover projects everything but hope. “Oh good more political messages, just what we want from our September fashion covers said no one ever. All the editions of Vogue need to get over themselves,” said HeatherAnne.

“Agreed, I would love to see such content in the magazine, but putting it on the cover doesn’t make sense and I am 100 percent pro inclusivity and social and political change,” replied Urban Stylin.

“Good god, just when you think it’s finally over…” added aracic.

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“I HOPE this trend stops immediately — I want models,” declared ThickGlossies.

Kiyoko wasn’t impressed with the outcome, either. “I admire, understand and applaud this cover as I feel it invokes the spirit of Australia, but when seen on the newsstand it is very dull. When are these editors going to realize that their covers need to POP.”

In the same frame of mind was Benn98: “The painting looks good and interesting from afar, but I don’t think the detailing works for a magazine cover. At least not online.”

“Not the worst Vogue cover featuring artwork that I’ve come across over recent months, I can admit that. Also lovely to see Vogue Australia support local talent!” proclaimed vogue28.

Are you a fan? Check out the contents of the issue and join the debate here.

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Blackpink Stars on ELLE’s October 2020 Covers

Nina Garcia has a thing for putting music’s finest on ELLE’s front cover. Over the last 12 months, the mag has featured Lizzo, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Dua Lipa and Rosalía as cover subjects. Garcia even picked Cardi B to star on the title’s all-important September edition. Now the mag scores another major coup for October. South Korean girl group Blackpink debuts on American ELLE‘s latest edition captured by photographer Kim Hee June. The K-pop stars each land their own solo covers (after the jump) as well as share the limelight (below) wearing looks from Celine, Chanel, Christian Dior and Saint Laurent.

US Elle October 2020 : BLACKPINK by Kim Hee June


“I love this. Jennie is serving on her individual cover, but Lisa is the MVP of the main cover for me,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Absolutely stunning! I also love the fact that they choose a Korean photographer,” applauded 0st3nd.

SLFC shared the same sentiment: “Nice and simple, well styled and well shot.”

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“I have zero interest in Blackpink, couldn’t tell you a single song title, but I am very pleasantly surprised at how much I like this. I can appreciate the absence of pastel and the more mature styling — and that solo cover of Jennie wearing Chanel is utterly divine,” said vogue28.

But Benn98 wasn’t buying it. “Wake me up when all this is over. I wonder if the cover will sell for ELLE.”

“If the future is Blackpink, I don’t want to be in the future,” Ed.. chimed in.

“I thought ELLE was a fashion magazine…ridiculous cover,” disapproved jal718.

US Elle October 2020 : BLACKPINK by Kim Hee June


Will you be hunting down any of these covers? Share your thoughts here.