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Olly Eley Breaks New Ground as British ELLE’s First Non-Binary Cover Star

Farrah Storr continues to propel British ELLE to new heights and is on a mission to break new ground. Not only did we receive an actual fashion model as last month’s cover star, the magazine sent shock waves through the industry with its triumphant January cover featuring Aweng and Alexus Ade-Chuol. Now another groundbreaking moment comes our way for June 2021 as Olly Eley becomes the publication’s first non-binary cover star with photographer Damon Baker capturing the Australian-British model for the cover shot.

UK Elle June 2021 : Olly Eley by Damon Baker


ELLE‘s latest divided our forum members. “Is it me or has ELLE made them more feminine than what Olly Eley usually looks like in other shoots?” asked kokobombon.

“I don’t feel the fashion from this cover,” added caioherrero.

“Can fashion magazines stop thinking they can change the world or how we think and just focus on fashion? It is so insulting and patronizing to the reader to assume what any of our ideals are,” voiced Gary89.

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“I have no idea who this person is, but perhaps they’re a thing in the U.K.? Anyway the cover is bad,” shared mepps.

“People mad because a non-binary person appears on the cover of a fashion magazine is the reason why LGBTQ+ representation in massive media and fashion still matters,” declared JPineapple.

“The cover itself doesn’t do it for me as much as last month’s Vogue Paris knockoff, but I have to firmly applaud Farrah Storr for steering British ELLE in a new direction, giving us covers and cover subjects which break new ground. The January cover is already up for an award!” noted vogue28.

WAVES was in the same frame of mind: “This sort of cover and topic will always generate all sorts of thinking so to each their own… And if it creates awareness and provides sensitive information, good for them and readers.”

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Vogue Italia Reaches for the Stars With Its May 2021 Covers

Ever since Emanuele Farneti took over Vogue Italia, we’ve gotten themed issues in addition to multiple covers. For example, there were 100 covers for September 2020. Not to mention editions dedicated to everything from animals to everyday style. Now for May 2021, the magazine presents the astrology issue featuring 12 absolutely collectible covers by Oliver Hadlee Pearch. Greta Elisa Hofer, Selena Forrest, Amar Akway, Caren Jepkemei, Maty Fall, Anna Ewers, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Quinn Mora, Loli Bahia, Grace Hartzel, Jill Kortleve, Miriam Sanchez along with Sora Choi sport the same Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 piece picked by Charlotte Collet.

Vogue Italia May 2021 : The 'Astrology' Issue by Oliver Hadlee Pearch


Nevertheless, our forum members certainly aren’t fans. “Farneti could consult an astrologer to see his ideas are terrible!” suggested DK92.

“Who buys these? Not their worst, but a total slap on the face nonetheless,” noted an obviously unimpressed dontbeadrag.

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While Style Savvy was clearly far from overjoyed: “Could’ve done more with this theme, but what did we expect from Farneti?”

“I actually like the concept, but the result is just the same old, same old,” LastNight pointed out.

“This is laughably bad. Twelve astrology signs and instead of representing what is unique about each sign, they dress every model in the exact same outfit so they all look exactly the same,” said dfl-001.

“Was it really necessary to style every single girl with the exact same Chanel outfit?” asked 90sbea.

“This is next-level boring. There’s no life nor substance in these photos,” complained a definitely disappointed bluestar.

Vogue Italia May 2021 : The 'Astrology' Issue by Oliver Hadlee Pearch


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Edie Campbell Brings Retro Glamour to Vogue Korea’s May 2021 Covers

We approve of whatever is going on over at Vogue Korea. Covers starring Binx Walton, Liya Kebede and Raquel Zimmermann thrilled us to no end over the last several months. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear standards are about to slip. Fresh off the cover of Vogue Germany, Edie Campbell poses for two covers for the Korean fashion bible’s latest. Captured by Felix Cooper and styled by Eunyoung Sohn, the top model is decked out in looks from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2021 collection on the two striking covers.

Vogue Korea May 2021 : Edie Campbell by Felix Cooper


The covers garnered mixed feedback on our forums. “What on earth are these?” asked MON.

“It’s a no from me on both covers,” shared an underwhelmed WAVES.

“I love the second cover, but the first not so much. Looks like a Vogue Paris cover reject by David Sims,” mikel pointed out.

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“The two covers are extremely reminiscent of Vogue Paris. One of Emmanuelle Alt’s fave models, the emulation of Alt’s fave photographer and one of Alt’s fave French fashion brands — the recipe for a Vogue Paris cover is all there,” agreed vogue28.

“The second cover is better than the first one, very Vogue Paris…” echoed VogueGirl8910.

“Nice to see her smiling and vibrant. The second cover is Edie being Edie and I’m all here for it,” approved annikad.

“Edie looks happy and I don’t even mind the typography used here. Glad to see Edie back on magazine covers,” declared nejtak.

“Yes and yes for me. Is this year gonna be the second coming of Edie? I hope so!” voiced oaklee91.

Vogue Korea May 2021 : Edie Campbell by Felix Cooper


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Regina King Goes Completely Unretouched on Vogue Greece’s May 2021 Covers

Ever since Vogue Greece relaunched back in 2019, the magazine has been stronger than ever. We’ve enjoyed a whole series of stunning covers featuring Sasha Pivovarova, Victoria Beckham and Candice Huffine. And jumped for joy over the magnificent Joan Smalls, Candice Swanepoel and Irina Shayk covers which closed out 2020. Thaleia Karafyllidou breaks new ground with the publication’s latest starring Regina King for May 2021 sans Photoshop captured by photographer Sonia Szóstak for a pair of covers.

Vogue Greece May 2021 : Regina King by Sonia Szóstak


Unfortunately, the covers failed to excite our forum members. “They don’t want to retouch but then literally hide her face? Bad optics, Vogue Greece,” voiced Ken Doll Jenner.

“‘OK guys let’s do an unretouched issue but also try our best to hide any natural flaws.’ Not that Regina has any flaws and she’s absolutely stunning, but I feel that was what was going through their heads when choosing the covers…” remarked GERGIN.

“I wish the second one didn’t have all that shadow because the colors and natural light look nice…” said Urban Stylin.

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“The shadow [on the second cover] is literally devouring her face,” crmsnsnwflks pointed out.

“A positively surprising cover subject, especially for Vogue Greece. Can’t say that I’m all that impressed by the outcome, the first cover works but feels just slightly dull while the second one doesn’t work at all for me,” stated aracic.

MON couldn’t have agreed more: “Surprised and delighted with the choice, but disappointed with the outcome.”

“A pair of uneventful and unremarkable covers if you ask me and Regina’s cover of Marie Claire by Thomas Whiteside still remains the best a magazine has ever profiled her (along with WSJ. Magazine by Alexandra Leese),” added vogue28.

Vogue Greece May 2021 : Regina King by Sonia Szóstak


Are you a fan? Share your thoughts on Vogue Greece’s May 2021 covers here.

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Olivia Rodrigo, Zazie Beetz and Anya Taylor-Joy Are ELLE’s Rising Stars for May 2021

We haven’t been faced with a themed issue of ELLE in what feels like forever. We got pretty used to just about every other issue being either dedicated to Women in Hollywood, Women in Music or Women in TV. The American fashion glossy has been in our good graces of late impressing us with Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez covers over recent months. For May 2021, we’re treated to the Rising Stars issue starring Olivia Rodrigo, Zazie Beetz and Anya Taylor-Joy. Shot by Petra Collins, Adrienne Raquel and Zoey Grossman respectively, the ladies each land solo covers.

US Elle May 2021 : The ‘Rising Stars’ Issue


Olivia’s cover was the first to drop. “I kind of like it. I don’t think the pose fits…but I like the styling. It’s something different than what ELLE usually puts out these days,” appreciated SLFC.

“She’s starting out, doesn’t deserve a cover yet,” voiced caioherrero.

“No idea who this is and I consider myself to be fairly clued up with pop culture. There is such a thing as too soon. What if her career fizzles out over the next 12 months? The angle is definitely not cover-worthy nor flattering…” said Benn98.

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“Two songs into her career and she’s already booking covers?” asked aracic.

“I have no idea who she is and no desire really to know her. The cover shot is just meh. Could have been much better,” conspicuousconsumer chimed in.

“Zazie looks great! Wouldn’t mind seeing her on more covers to be honest!” declared annikad.

“Anya’s cover is the WINNER!” proclaimed DK92.

JPineapple is also in love with Anya’s cover: “At this point, Anya doesn’t deserve to share a month with anyone.”

US Elle May 2021 : The ‘Rising Stars’ Issue


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts on ELLE‘s latest here.

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Paloma Elsesser Strikes a Pose on Vogue Spain’s May 2021 Cover

Now that Eugenia de la Torriente has officially left Vogue Spain (with no replacement in sight), the magazine has become extremely hit or miss. The editor ended her tenure with a gorgeous Penélope Cruz cover for January. But Jill Kortleve and Bella Hadid failed to stimulate for February and March respectively, while Jodie Comer‘s flawless cover last month made us rush to newsstands. With the Spanish fashion bible’s latest, Paloma Elsesser lands her third Vogue cover appearance of the year. Photographed by Alique and styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Paloma wears a look from the Jacquemus Spring 2021 collection for the sleek May 2021 cover.

Vogue España May 2021 : Paloma Elsesser by Alique


Paloma’s latest addition to her portfolio divided our forum members. “Not a bad shot. But it’s not working as a cover. Too many distracting elements. And I hate that her hair and the masthead are the same color,” critiqued mikel.

“Didn’t they have a picture that didn’t show her slouching?” asked oaklee91.

“What is that pose? What is that set? There is so much wrong with this cover,” proclaimed marsnoop2.

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“It falls flat because the image looks like they caught her unprepared. You can’t tell me that this was the best shot in the selection! This could’ve been a great cover if only her pose was stronger and more striking,” wrote aracic.

Although not everyone was underwhelmed. “Must admit that I’m not usually one for Paloma Elsesser, but I somehow don’t hate this,” said vogue28.

“I won’t say I’m Paloma’s biggest fan, but I like seeing her come so far because her look is so far from a conventional model look, it challenges our perception, and I love that about her. Like her or not, her success is undeniable,” commented FashionMuseDior.

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