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Megan Thee Stallion Serves 70s Realness on Marie Claire’s May 2020 Covers

Change is in the air over at Marie Claire and Aya Kanai‘s first issue is finally here. We’re all for seeing fresh faces on the covers of our favorite fashion glossies and the new editor in chief gives the covers of the magazine’s global beauty issue for May 2020 to Megan Thee Stallion. Serving up a pair of vintage-inspired covers, the American rapper, singer and songwriter poses before the lens of photographer Micaiah Carter with Megan decked out in Off-White for cover one (below) and a hooded Balmain number for cover two (after the jump) both picked by celebrity stylist Memsor.

US Marie Claire May 2020 : Megan Thee Stallion by Micaiah Carter


The covers proved to be hit or miss for our forum members. “Megan looks stunning! Love the colors and definitely would not have thought this was shot by Micaiah Carter. Love how Marie Claire is adapting to the times by enlisting a black photographer,” applauded Benn98.

“The first one is cool — covers with profile photographs can be refreshing from time to time,” appreciated Srdjan.

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“My fave is the first, love the use of the profile shot, the dress, those warm colors for a May cover and the minimal art direction. I loathe how the second cover looks more like an album cover…” vogue28 chimed in.

In the same frame of mind was KINGofVERSAILLES: “I love everything about this! Megan looks terrific and I love the color story and 70s feel of it all.”

“Getting vintage vibes from the colors to the photography and I quite like that,” echoed FashionMuseDior.

Zorka couldn’t disagree more. “Don’t know who she is, but the whole thing looks extremely tacky and cheap to me.”

“The graphic design is terrible,” exclaimed matheus_s.

US Marie Claire May 2020 : Megan Thee Stallion by Micaiah Carter


Check out Megan’s accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone and Iris Berben Star on Vogue Germany’s Trio of May 2020 Covers

You could say that Vogue Germany hasn’t been our go-to magazine over recent months. But the German fashion bible is slowly but surely attempting to regain our interest by tapping Hailey Bieber last month and now catering to our love of age diversity with the unveiling of its May 2020 offering. Women 50 and over are rare sights down at the newsstand so we’re ecstatic to see Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone and Iris Berben on a trio of covers. Photographed by Liz Collins and styled by Nicola Knels and Paris Libby, the ladies suit up in looks from Burberry, Dsquared2 and Jil Sander for their respective covers.

Vogue Germany May 2020 : Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone & Iris Berben by Liz Collins


According to our forum members, the covers proved to be a huge missed opportunity. “I am sorry, but why did they choose a photo where Helen looks like an idiot? She’s such a gorgeous woman. Sharon’s cover is nice, but gives me déjà vu. The third one is pretty, but a bit basic,” called out Srdjan.

“These are all bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such unflattering shots of them before,” expressed SLFC.

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“Fashion magazines have decided to show older women on covers, but it’s clear most of them don’t have a clue what to do with them. These women are invariably shot in some bland pose with awful clothes, looking stiff and bored while the magazine collects plaudits for allowing a few wrinkles on their cover,” said tigerrouge.

“Yeah, cause what else could you do with three mature women besides dressing them in ugly, drab clothes inside a boring studio? Truly groundbreaking,” agreed aracic.

“What a terrible waste of three brilliant cover subjects — everything is utterly dreadful here from the bland photography of Liz Collins to the lazy styling. Instantly forgettable!” declared vogue28.

“Everything about these covers is wrong. Helen’s cover actually made me laugh. Poor lady!” Royal-Galliano chimed in.

Vogue Germany May 2020 : Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone & Iris Berben by Liz Collins


Are you just as underwhelmed as we are? Share your thoughts here.

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Vogue Portugal Delivers Two ‘Tacky and Tasteless’ Covers for April 2020

It was only a matter of time before our favorite fashion glossies began to highlight the ongoing pandemic. French ELLE recently thanked medical professionals for fighting the disease with an illustrated cover and now Vogue Portugal addresses the virus with the unveiling of two covers for April 2020. Cover one (below) features Bibiana Baltovicova and Adam Bardy kissing while wearing surgical masks captured by Branislav Simoncik. For the second cover (after the jump), strategic lighting was used to create the illusion that Lily Stewart is wearing a mask in the Renée Parkhurst-shot image.

Vogue Portugal April 2020 by Branislav Simoncik & Renée Parkhurst


The covers missed the mark for our forum members, however. “You can always count on Vogue Portugal when it comes to the most pretentious covers. Just stop with this ‘woke’ sh*t. Vogue is a fashion magazine. If I want to read about world issues I will watch the news. I understand that they wanted to make a statement, but why so literal? They have chosen the laziest option possible,” critiqued avonlea002.

“Not sure I want to be reminded of COVID-19 on the cover of a fashion magazine. It’s not like Vogue Portugal is even paying respect to those who it has taken or the medics who are fighting against it (a la ELLE  France). Very…questionable,” vogue28 chimed in.

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“Extremely tasteless,” declared Srdjan.

Forum member pizzicato wasn’t impressed, either. “‘Brain on Hold’ would be more appropriate for this. By March 30, 2020, the virus had infected over 730,000 people worldwide and the number of deaths totaled more than 34,000.”

“It’s tacky. Trying to make money off the pandemic is tacky and tasteless and one of the ultimate things anyone in marketing or PR should NOT be doing right now. The first cover could possibly have passed as commentary, like Franca Sozzani’s Vogue Italia, but their decision to actually use COVID-19 as a cover line ruined it all,” commented Benn98.

“I think the first cover is a really pretty one, it caught my attention right away. As literal as it is, I think it’s a beautiful image,” defended slayage.

“That’s how you make a statement. The first cover is stunning,” admired MON.

Vogue Portugal April 2020 by Branislav Simoncik & Renée Parkhurst


How do you feel? Join the debate here.

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Claudia Schiffer Simply Stuns on British ELLE’s May 2020 Cover

Are we about to experience a supermodel resurgence down at newsstands? Marie Claire recently gave its cover to Gisele Bündchen, Christy Turlington currently fronts the Singaporean edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine and now Claudia Schiffer makes an unexpected appearance on British ELLE. Following a stint on Vogue Russia earlier this year, the ultimate blond bombshell strikes a pose in an Azzedine Alaïa outfit (selected by Aurelia Donaldson) before a gray studio backdrop for the title’s May 2020 cover image shot by Sebastian Kim.

UK Elle May 2020 : Claudia Schiffer by Sebastian Kim


But were our forum members impressed? “Wow! Stunning surprise. Claudia looks great and the cover reminds me of late 2010-era U.K. ELLE,” appreciated Benn98.

“I love this. Clean, simple and beautiful. Claudia showed up. Quintessential ELLE…” applauded MON.

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“Quintessential ELLE indeed and a much-welcomed surprise. I am ALL for this and a supermodel like Claudia on a magazine cover is just what’s needed right now — regardless of the outcome. It’s just an added bonus here that everything works!” vogue28 chimed in.

“Actually gorgeous…” praised Miss Dalloway.

SouthernVogue felt the same way: “Absolutely gorgeous.”

“The styling is more Maxim than ELLE, but Claudia did her magic and I can’t hate it,” confessed Srdjan.

Forum member liberty33r1b simply described the cover as “fantastic.”

Check out Claudia’s accompanying cover feature and share your opinion here.

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You’ll Either Love or Loathe Christy Turlington’s Cover of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

Practically everyone loves seeing supermodels on the covers of fashion magazines. And it’s not often that the Singaporean edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine generates buzz on our forums. But with a cover subject like Christy Turlington, we’re fully engaged. A firm forum favorite since forever, the all-American beauty thrilled us throughout 2019 on Vogue Mexico, in Marc Jacobs’ delightful advertising campaign and on a trio of gorgeous covers for Vogue  Brazil. For April 2020, Christy stars on the latest issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore wearing Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. picked by Jack Wang for the straightforward black and white cover shot photographed by Chris Colls.

T: The New York Times Style Singapore April 2020 : Christy Turlington by Chris Colls


What more could we ask for? Apparently, a whole lot more. “Hate the fringe. Looks like she had a meltdown on day 12 of her self-isolation,” quipped aracic the moment the cover dropped.

“Oh Chris…why did you do this? This isn’t good,” remarked a dumbfounded bluestar.

“It takes a certain kind of skill to take a bad picture of Christy,” added mikel.

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“Was the photographer blind when shooting this? I can’t believe that from all the photos taken this was the best one,” proclaimed avonlea002.

Also far from impressed was dontbeadrag: “Seriously, cancel Chris Colls! Stop this beauty murder! All his recent work just makes everyone look horrible.”

Benn98 disagreed with the majority. “I like it actually. Great portrait. And it’s also not like any of Colls’ work so that makes it refreshing.”

“Always found it hard to criticize anything involving Christy Turlington — this included. I happen to love the hair, reminds me of the hairstyle Christy had during the 90s and I’m just really struggling to find anything negative. A thumbs-up from me!” voiced vogue28.

A hit or miss? Share your thoughts here.

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Rihanna Serves Up Two Stellar British Vogue Covers for May 2020

If there’s one person we’re able to stomach on the cover of Vogue month after month, it’s Rihanna. Time and time again, the star proves just how unbelievably photogenic she is and whether she’s giving American Vogue its best cover in months or becoming the first black woman to appear on British Vogue‘s all-important September issue, our forum members are all in. Edward Enninful finally welcomes Rihanna back to U.K. Vogue for May 2020 serving up a pair of covers photographed by Steven Klein. For cover one (below), Rihanna wears Burberry and a custom Stephen Jones durag (marking the first time a durag has ever appeared on the cover of Vogue), while on cover two (after the jump) she sports a Maison Margiela jacket worn over a bodysuit from her own Savage x Fenty lingerie label.

UK Vogue May 2020 : Rihanna by Steven Klein


Was Rihanna’s latest a hit on our forums? “I think the covers are so fantastic! They are cool/edgy, but with a sort of more Renaissance portrait kind of look. One of the coolest and most ‘new Vogue‘ covers from Edward yet,” applauded Blayne266.

“I absolutely love this. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Rihanna on covers. She is just such a natural stunner to me,” declared slayage.

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“YES, YES, YES — that was my literal first reaction when I saw this. Rihanna can NEVER do wrong, she is a better model than most working models today and I would always pick her above any model covering Vogue,” heralded [Piece Of Me].

Sharing the same sentiment was ivano: “Rihanna is one of the few that could pass as a model. Her beauty is breathtaking. I like these covers.”

“Fantastic cover, I love everything about it! The color scheme is gorgeous and I love the styling,” praised LastNight.

But not everyone was impressed. “Flummoxed that anyone could find this appealing,” stated KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I have NEVER seen such a bad shot of her, wow! Both covers are just so unappealing and try-hard! Rihanna can pull off almost anything, but not this!” agreed Miss Dalloway.

UK Vogue May 2020 : Rihanna by Steven Klein


Are you a fan? Await more from the issue and join the conversation here.