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Daria Werbowy Covers Vogue Spain’s July 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz)


Patrick Demarchelier photographed Daria Werbowy for Vogue Spain’s July 2013 cover and not one, but two editorials within the issue. And we in the forums (for the most part) are so glad to see her. One of those supermodels who supposedly hates modeling, we don’t get graced with Daria’s presence as much as we all would hope. But here she is. Looking her tousled, beachy best for this summer issue.

“Like the pose and Daria's expression! The overall composition is actually really cool,” justaguy commented.

“Gorgeous! That stare!” MON exclaimed upon viewing the cover. And oh (not to belabor a point), how we’ve missed it.


Several forum members called out the odd leather-jacket-on-the-beach styling, but shouldn’t we all be accustomed to things that don’t make sense in the pages of our fashion mags at this point? In the end, the somewhat off styling didn’t really matter. “I do find the leather jacket on the beach to be strange, but her face and hair look gorgeous,” ALAUU admitted.

Creative had a stronger reaction to the iffy styling. “Belén Antolín is the worst stylist I've ever known,” he declared. “Her fascination with Vogue Paris makes her want to copy whatever she sees in the French magazine, but through her filter everything looks one million times worse. Her styling is so bad that it ‘affects’ me even physically,” he laughed.

Styling aside, I’m glad Daria took time off from her non-modeling adventures to humor us all with a few photos. I’ll be eagerly awaiting her next appearance. No matter what she’s wearing.


All images via Vogue Spain.