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Chloé Fall 2013 Ad Campaign is Kind of Boresville (Forum Buzz)

Image via Chloe

Image via Chloe

Sure, Chloé’s Fall 2013 ad campaign featuring Tess Hellfeuer, Marique Schimmel and Esther Heesch is pretty and all, but there’s nothing really exciting about it. Forgive me for saying it, but the models look a bit ordinary in contrast to the usual otherworldly, aspirational types Chloé tends to cast in its campaigns. Seeing the girls in motion in the campaign video by Fabien Baron (which has now mysteriously gone private), helps a tad, but still. Despite Chloé's new Baylee bag being featured, I’m unmoved and I’m not alone in my lack of enthusiasm. 

“The models would be more fitting for See by Chloé. Not feeling this yet,” vanpersie remarked. There’s no maturity, no elegance, no knowing looks in these models’s eyes. They’re far too young for these clothes and this campaign and it shows.

Navyvelvetbowtie posted, “I think the casting is a bit odd, Tess and Esther have soft faces and in some parts of the video they look really alike. On the other hand, Marique has a really strong face and is slightly more androgynous, so it looks non-cohesive in the casting department. On the art direction, it looks quite boring, and doesn't look very appealing.”

“It seriously looks like it was ripped out of a department store catalog mailer, boring as hell,” HeatherAnne chimed in.

Are we being too harsh? Is there an adjective other than “boring” that you would use to describe this campaign? Comment below.