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Amber Heard Disappoints on the Cover of Flare’s September 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz)


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You would think Flare would pull out the big guns for its September issue (side note: can you believe we’re seeing September covers already?), but this Amber Heard cover falls completely flat. Photographed by Kurt Iswarienko, the cover features Amber against a bland rosy pink background with a green masthead. This “ultimate fashion issue” is supposedly “fresh for fall!” but the whole thing feels so stale. But at least her hair looks pretty, right?

“I don't think I've ever seen her look so ridiculously boring before,” Psylocke commented. “She's one of the sexiest actresses and here she looks completely lifeless and depressing. Also, what the hell is that layout? Could all the text drown her any more? Yuck, this is bad. Great timing to have her on the cover now that her relationship with Johnny Depp went public, though,” she quipped.

HeatherAnne was also unimpressed. “I’ve always found her super generic looking and uninteresting, and this just reemphasizes that notion to me,” she wrote.

Mat Cyruss seems to have given up on Flare altogether. “Wake me when they have a nice cover again,” he posted.

The editorial images are a bit less bland than the cover, but if you’re not enticed to even crack the magazine open, then really, what’s the point?