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Stella Tennant Hoists a Chair in the Fall 2013 Altuzarra Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Image via Vogue

Image via Vogue

Yes, you read that right: Stella Tennant is hoisting a gilded chair over her head in the Fall 2013 Altuzarra campaign. Why is she doing that? Why is there a chair on the stark studio set in the first place? These are valid questions, but I’m afraid I can provide no real answers.

In the forums, Salvatore claimed to “really like” the ad, but others weren’t impressed.

Anlabe32 posted, “I'm just glad he's doing a campaign, but this is so boring. I like the chair though. I'm so sick of Stella to the point where I get angry upon seeing her,” she said, revealing a clear bias. “She looks totally boring once again, and exactly the same hair and makeup as in her equally boring Ralph Rucci campaign.”

KissMiss, displaying a flair for the dramatic, declared, “Boredom is killing me…”

Whatever the intention here, boredom and confusion couldn’t have been it. I’ll hold out for more images before deciding this is a total fail, though.

Image via Vogue Magazine.