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Karolina Kurkova for Glamour Italia: ‘She Kind of Looks Like Jessica Simpson on the Cover’ (Forum Buzz)

Image: Facebook/KarolinaKurkova

Image: Facebook/KarolinaKurkova

Glamour Italia featured Karolina Kurkova on both of its November Issue covers. The images were posted in the forums (along with the full editorial spread) via the Czech model's Facebook page and … I'll let just let the comments speak for themselves:

  • Bertrando3: "Oh gosh… nothing works."
  • Simera: "To use one of my favorite German words for emphasis, this is schrecklich."
  • MyNameIs: "The cropping around her hair on the cover looks atrocious. Makes her look like she has a helmet on. Other than that, KK looks sensational in all the pics."
  • Hector: "She kind of looks like Jessica Simpson on the cover." 
  • Nymphaea: "Looks like a weird parody."

It certainly does give a whole new meaning to the term "helmet hair."