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Katie Holmes is UK Elle’s Latest Questionable Cover Star (Forum Buzz)

UK Elle is usually the first of the British monthlies to surface but this month is an exception. Elle has landed Katie Holmes for its April 2014 cover wearing a Prada coat, photographed by Thomas Whiteside. She looks radiant and is a refreshing cover choice for a British magazine.



"Just saw this on the newsstand… Random! It's a nice cover though, I like it," wrote honeycombchild

KissMiss questioned Lorraine Candy's (UK Elle's editor-in-chief) choice in cover subject and posted, "Really? The cover is nice though… I find her so intensely uninteresting though…"

Catherine88 also didn't seem to understand the cover choice, "Why did they choose her?" But Luxx reassured her, "She has 4 movies coming out in 2014 – though I don't feel like one is scheduled for release ASAP so I'm not sure. The picture is nice though and she looks refreshingly adult — she should embrace this style in her day to day life."

I do agree with the comments theFashionSpot members are making towards this particular appearance, but it's a refreshing one. It's a pleasure to see a different face on the cover of a magazine. We often get the same recycled celebrities over and over, I like this. The composition and overall look of the cover is excellent.

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