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Vogue Mexico Produce a ‘Kind of 90s’ Cover with Karolina Kurkova (Forum Buzz)

A glamorous  looking Karolina Kurkova is on the cover of Mexican Vogue's April 2014 issue. The Czech Victoria's Secret model is photographed by David Roemer and wears an extremely feminine tweed look from French fashion house, Chanel.



"Fun cover, with a good model who pulled off the styling," wrote Miss Dalloway

Justaguy was also very fond of the cover and commented, "Karolina is bringing it! She looks so great here."

"LOVE. IT. The styling is hilariously over-the-top and KK (with some help from the poofy hair) is pulling it off with aplomb. Love the one hand on hip and the other playing with the necklace. Her expression is playful, too. It's just very well done on all fronts. She looks gorgeous, obviously," exclaimed a very enthusiastic happycanadian.

UrbanStylin kicked off the 90s reference the cover oozes: "Looove it! reminds me of the 90s which she does pretty well since she does have that supermodel quality."

His opinion was then echoed by jexxica: "Very beautiful cover, love the style and colors. Kind of 90s."

Although Bertrando3 wasn't impressed and said, "Gosh I hate it, she looks fake and it's way too over the top. Her Vogue covers have always been like that: hit or miss and THIS is a big miss."

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