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Does This Video Show Solange Knowles Kicking the Crap Out of Jay Z?

Solange Knowles Pictured Next to Jay-Z


Just when you thought the Knowles-Carters seemed like the perfect celebrity family…

TMZ has obtained security footage from an elevator at New York City's the Standard Hotel (where Solange Knowles, Beyoncé and Jay Z attended an afterparty for last week's Met Gala) in which Solo appears to get into a physical altercation with Jigga.

In the video, you can someone who looks a lot like Solange enter the elevator (she's wearing the same Phillip Lim dress and cropped Liza Minnelli wig she was photographed in at the Gala), and then start swinging on a man in a white jacket — who looks like Jay Z. She gets in his face, shoves him, and starts punching him, actually making a connection (three times, as counted by TMZ). She is held back by bodyguards, but manages to also kick Jay in the stomach. Where is Beyoncé in all this? Oh, casually standing to the side like, SMH.

We don't know what caused the fight, but judging by Bey's reaction, it looks like this might not have been the first time Jay and Solange got into something like this.

At any rate, who knew Solo was such a gangster? I guess Beyoncé wasn't lying when she said, H-Town vicious!