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Elle Fanning Stars on Teen Vogue’s ‘Perfectly Appropriate’ June/July Cover (Forum Buzz)

The stars of Disney's Maleficent are certainly doing their rounds on magazines covers this month. Angelina Jolie is currently on the cover of Elle's June issue, Elle Fanning fronted Interview's May issue and now Fanning graces the cover of Teen Vogue. The 16-year-old actress is photographed by Daniel Jackson, projecting the perfect idea of a summer beauty. Our forums are very much in favor of this 'perfectly appropriate' cover.

Teen Vogue June July 2014 Elle Fanning Daniel Jackson


"Very beautiful and perfectly appropriate for the season it's in, other publications should be taking note," writes honeycombchild, clearly a fan of the direction the Teen Vogue team took for this cover.

"This is a very cool cover, the styling is appropriate, the colours are nice and it's perfect for summer," agreed KateTheGreatest.

KINGofVERSAILLES shared the exact same sentiments: "She looks very pretty and I'm pleased to see people haven't completely forgotten how to do a summer cover!"

"Beautiful … now this is what a Teen Vogue cover should look like!" commented Tinsley V, suggesting previous covers have not been up to scratch.

YoninahAliza was also on board and seemed optimistic about the issue's contents writing, "Beautiful cover from Teen Vogue; it's not cluttered with text, it features a nice celebrity, and it's summery too! Also, looking forward to the bit with Ansel Elgort, I remember seeing him in Teen Vogue years and years ago in a photoshoot for his dad!"

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