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18 Years Later, Christy Turlington is Back on the Cover of UK Vogue (Forum Buzz)

Christy Turlington returns to the cover of British Vogue, 18 years after her last appearance. The supermodel is photographed by Patrick Demarchelier against one of the photographer's classic grey backdrops, whilst wearing a white sweater from Acne, which was styled by Clare Richardson. Isn't all of this just very pretty? Although some of our forum members aren't convinced..

UK Vogue July 2014 Christy Turlington


"She's beautiful and I'm incredibly happy they put her on the cover, but are you actually kidding me? It's June. The issue is July. Why the hell are you doing a cover that screams the depths of winter? Someone needs to give these magazines a slap. I feel like this year has been the worst for it!" wrote honeycombchild.

Nymphaea shared his sentiments: "It's so cold, it's giving me chills."

"I know everyone's up in arms about the sweater, but honestly, if they didn't have the grey background, it would be such a summery cover — after all, there's nothing more British than a sweater in summer – as I think the grey just makes it seem very wintery," agreed ohmycolin, who went on to say,  "Aside from that, Christy looks fantastic and it's such a beautiful shot. I really can't find a fault with it, and I can't wait to get my hands on this issue!"

A positive response started to flood in after yesitsdagny commented, "She's still the most beautiful woman on Earth. After all these years Christy's beauty never fades. Such a lovely cover."

"Lovely cover. Christy is truly shining; her beauty is out of this world!" shared Nepenthes.

We certainly have a mixed response from our forum members. What do you think? Share your opinion within the thread here.