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Vogue Italia’s June Cover with Adriana Lima ‘Doesn’t Look Exciting’ (Forum Buzz)

She shoots, she scores! Adriana Lima just landed herself her first cover of Vogue Italia (almost hard to believe considering this is her 10th Vogue cover). The Brazilian model is seen posing before a classic grey studio backdrop, lensed by Steven Meisel. Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele styled Lima in a Gucci dress with an ironic Patricia Field 'Vogue' hat with matching sleeves and gloves.

Vogue Italia June 2014 Adriana Lima Steven Meisel


Not everyone's in the mood for celebration as most members of theFashionSpot forums were left underwhelmed…

"Yayyy for Adriana but I'm unsure about the cover. It leaves me cold," commented fluxx.

"This doesn't look exciting," shared quangthinh.

Srdjan wasn't shouting from the rooftops either: "BAD. What I hate the most is Vogue on her cap. Everything else is tolerable," he added.

Avogardo made reference to Linda Evangelista's cover from February 2002 and wrote, "When compared with the amazing Linda cover, this is flat…but not that bad, her eyes look gorgeous."

"I'm just not feeling it. Adriana is a very striking woman, but she looks lifeless here. This, too, reminds me of that badass Linda cover," agreed Elfinkova.

However, opinions are starting to change with DutchHomme posting: "Finally, something memorable for Vogue Italia. A stunning topmodel looking flawless and the styling fits this month perfectly! Adriana Lima's wish to be on the cover for Vogue Italia finally has come true."

Whilst the energy may not be pumped up to the max in the cover shot, the behind-the-scenes video holds promise for the main cover story. Check out the video and join the discussion here.