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Vanity Fair’s July Cover with Shailene Woodley Fails To Impress (Forum Buzz)

The Fault In Our Stars actress Shailene Woodley is Vanity Fair's latest cover subject. The 22-year-old actress poses for the magazine's July 2014 issue, photographed by Miguel Reveriego with slicked-back hair and a face full of makeup, Woodley strikes a pose while sitting on some stairs and looking every inch the Hollywood star.

Vanity Fair July 2014 Shailene Woodley


Members of theFashionSpot forums aren't so confident that Vanity Fair has done Shailene justice. "I don't know what is it about her, but I don't think I've ever seen her do a good cover yet," commented tigerrouge.

"Ugh. They, like so many other magazines before them, have aged her and completely taken away her natural beauty," wrote HeatherAnne.

Jmrmartinho seemed disappointed Shailene had even scored the cover: "The most annoying actress of the year promoting the most annoying movie of the year. And the cover isn´t any good."

"Couldn't agree more. She does nothing for me. I've seen the commercial for that stupid movie a hundred or more times. I can't stand it," replied MissMagAddict.

"That's too bad they over styled and photoshopped her cover. She has such a pretty face and a nice simple shot would have been ideal," posted justaguy, who was yet another unsatisfied forum member.

Loladonna suggested a different approach and wrote, "Shailene looks best when shot in a more natural way that suits her personality. I don't know why they keep trying to glam her up with slick hair and red lips."

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