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Japanese Fashion Label Uses Zoo Animals to Create Designer Jeans



It sounds bad, but it’s actually quite clever. Japanese label Zoo Jeans is creating a marriage of animals and fashion in the best way possible, by throwing denim-covered tyres and balls into the environment of bears, tigers and lions, letting the animals play and chew on the fabric.

The result? Ripped, distressed denim that we’re all so fond of, sewn into pants and then sold. If the creative way in which these jeans are brought to life wasn’t enough, the proceeds are also going towards raising funds for Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City and the World Wildlife Fund.

The project is the ethical brainchild of the Mineko Club, a group of voluntary zoo supporters partnered with Kamine Zoo. The jeans will be displayed at the zoo until July 21, with three pairs currently being auctioned online. If you’re still a bit confused about how this all actually works, watch the video below and be amazed.