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Madonna’s Wedding Dress Sells for Over $81,000


Image: WENN

The Material Girl strikes again. Over the weekend, a collection of Madonna’s clothes brought in beaucoup bucks at Julien’s Auctions’ Icons & Idols: Rock ‘N’ Roll charity event in Beverly Hills. Big ticket items included her softball uniform from A League of Their Own ($31,250), a dress worn in her 1996 film Evita ($15,000), her “Material Girl” gown and stole ($73,125) and a jacket worn in the 1985 hit Desperately Seeking Susan ($252,000). Also on the auction block was a personal item of the 56-year-old singer’s — her wedding gown to Sean Penn from 1985. The winning bidder plunked down a cool $81,250.

Madonna wasn’t the only superstar hawking her wares. The two-day event also featured Kurt Cobain’s T-shirt ($20,000), John Lennon’s spectacles ($25,000), Elvis’ overcoat ($40,625) and James Brown’s red sequined cape ($43,750) among others. All in all, the entire auction raised a whopping $3.2 million.