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There’s Something Off About Salma Hayek’s InStyle July 2021 Cover

Make no mistake, Laura Brown’s InStyle rivals heavyweight fashion glossies like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE. Brown has managed to secure everyone from Jodie Comer to Regina King to Jennifer Lopez as cover stars this year alone. Now we can add Salma Hayek to the impressive list. The actress and producer stuns on the flawless July 2021 cover wearing a black velvet blazer and trousers from Alberta Ferretti courtesy of Sam Ranger for the image shot by Charlotte Hadden.

US InStyle July 2021 : Salma Hayek by Charlotte Hadden


But something was off. “It looks like her younger self trying to be her current self, if that makes sense? Too airbrushed…” said Xone.

“Doesn’t look like her,” stated caioherrero.

“She looks like Stifler’s mom from American Pie,” joked avonlea002.

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“When you get your makeup done at the mall,” voiced GivenchyHomme.

“I like what they were going for, but the airbrushing looks too obvious and overall it just lacks…polish?” wrote KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I like this and love Salma Hayek, but the cover looks more like a holiday/fall cover to me,” Handbag Queen pointed out.

Urban Stylin was also underwhelmed: “The idea was good, but she looks bored here.”

“Not a bad cover shot,” confessed mikel.

“I genuinely thought this was Jessica Alba upon first glance, but I love the colors of the cover just as much as I do the styling. The cover photograph itself is gorgeous, Salma Hayek really has photographed beautifully and I’m definitely able to appreciate the minimal cover lines,” declared vogue28.

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Keira Knightley Poses in the British Countryside for the July 2021 Covers of UK Harper’s Bazaar

We can always count on British Harper’s Bazaar for some summer splendor. For example covers featuring Ashley Graham, Olympia Campbell, Serena Williams along with Emilia Clarke have gone down as treats. The title’s offering for July 2021 is no different as Lydia Slater welcomes back Keira Knightley. The now six-time cover star poses at England’s Wilderness Reserve for photographer Boo George. For the newsstand cover (below), the actress wears a Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 dress. Keira also rocks Chanel for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump).

UK Harper’s Bazaar July 2021 : Keira Knightley by Boo George


Of course, the covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “British Harper’s Bazaar, Keira Knightley and Chanel has always been a winning combination for me so I’m very much a fan of the cover,” approved vogue28.

“I adore Keira, always happy to see her on a cover. It’s her in Chanel of course same old same old, but I can’t be mad because she photographs just beautifully,” admitted an absolutely delighted annikad.

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“U.K. Bazaar looks no different from month to month, but by the same measure, it’s a magazine that continues to give its audience what they want. It has a quiet confidence about its purpose in the world,” appreciated tigerrouge.

Leith Clark’s styling soon became the topic of conversation. “Always happy to see Keira, but this is all very autumnal for me. Just all feels a bit at odds with the actual season,” noted honeycombchild.

“Yeah, the styling feels too heavy for a summer cover…” agreed mikel.

Handbag Queen is clearly a fan: “Love her and love this cover (thought it looks more like an autumn cover to me)!”

“The styling feels more August-appropriate than July,” voiced aracic.

UK Harper’s Bazaar July 2021 : Keira Knightley by Boo George


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Even a Versace-Clad Indira Scott Can’t Save Vogue China’s July 2021 Cover

Now that Margaret Zhang has officially replaced Angelica Cheung, we’re expecting great things from Vogue China. Although recent covers failed to stimulate, including Kendall Jenner‘s February 2021 offering. Now Indira Scott makes her Vogue China cover debut for July 2021. Indira wears an impeccably cut Versace Spring 2021 blazer chosen by Celia Azoulay for the image captured by Steven Pan.

Vogue China July 2021 : Indira Scott by Steven Pan


But our forum members clearly aren’t fans. “Happy for Indira. However not crazy over this image,” voiced Summer Day.

“This image does nothing for me. Blank stare and questionable makeup,” Bertrando3 points out.

“Kinda bland despite that orange makeup. Very happy for Indira though…” declares oaklee91.

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FashionMuseDior shares the same sentiment: “Happy to see Indira, but the photography is so pedestrian.”

“She looks really nice here, but it is indeed quite bland,” echoed aracic.

Benn98 isn’t impressed, either. “This is not a magazine cover, sorry! Looks like something plucked off a lifestyle influencer’s Instagram feed. Even the makeup, which actually looks interesting, is almost washed out in this shot.”

“This is just about as uneventful as it gets and such a cover will almost definitely go forgotten within the next few months. I do like the Versace blazer teamed with the gold necklace, but that orange eye makeup and Indira’s total lack of energy and presence fail to do this cover justice,” proclaims vogue28.

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Hunter Schafer Stars in Prada’s Galleria Handbag 2021 Campaign

Despite the hype surrounding Raf Simons joining Prada as co-creative director, the brand’s Spring 2021 advertising campaign left us a little perplexed. At least the cast featured a diverse ensemble of the industry’s most up-and-coming models. Now the Italian fashion house welcomes Hunter Schafer as the face of the brand’s Galleria handbags. Captured by film director Xavier Dolan under the creative direction of Ferdinando Verderi, Hunter poses in a makeshift bedroom with Prada’s signature handbag in full focus.

Prada 'Galleria' Handbags 2021 : Hunter Schafer by Xavier Dolan


The campaign immediately fell under the scrutiny of our forum members. “I’m pleasantly surprised seeing them cast an openly trans woman. I didn’t really expect this from Prada,” appreciated LMV.

“Great to see Hunter being cast for big brands… She can do much better than this,” said dontbeadrag.

“The photos are so Model Mayhem and it’s most likely the hair! They literally turned her into a serial killer…” disapproved Urban Stylin.

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WAVES also isn’t a fan: “Everything is bad. The background, Hunter’s hair, the angles and expressions… Hunter can photograph better than this!”

“Makes no sense how an eccentric character portrayed in this campaign would want a basic, solid-colored leather bag,” GERGIN pointed out.

“The bag is fugly…” declared kasper!.

“They are still selling this? Even local soccer moms moved on,” added avonlea002.

“Waste of a decent concept on a boring bag that just looks out of place,” voiced reese06.

Prada 'Galleria' Handbags 2021 : Hunter Schafer by Xavier Dolan


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Precious Lee Serves Serious Glamour on Vogue Brazil’s June/July 2021 Cover

From the get-go we’ve been obsessed with Precious Lee. After a history-making moment on the Versace runway followed by a coveted spot in the brand’s advertising campaign, replacing Ashley Graham as the face of Marina Rinaldi and covers of British Vogue and American Harper’s Bazaar, Precious is only just getting started. So it should come as no surprise to see the firm forum favorite starring on Vogue Brazil’s June/July 2021 offering. Serving major early 2000s glam, the American beauty wears a custom Karoline Vitto dress for the simply stunning cover shot captured by photographic duo Luigi & Iango.

Vogue Brazil June/July 2021 : Precious Lee by Luigi & Iango


The cover received nothing but praise on our forums. “That’s a gorgeous cover!” exclaimed crmsnsnwflks.

“Ooh, my heart skipped a beat… Precious Lee by Luigi & Iango — simply fabulous!” applauded aracic.

“Such a sexy cover, I love it! So happy for Precious, she deserves all this success and more,” raved bluestar.

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“Precious is kinda in the same league as Alek Wek or Grace Bol. You will never find a bad picture of her. So stunning,” said helmutnotdead.

GERGIN was also a fan: “Preaching to the choir, this is a supermodel in the making. The beauty and styling are ON POINT!”

“PRECIOUS! No one does it like her. Fabulous once again…” expressed Armani.

“Beautiful cover. We need more of this! She’s gorgeous, but what’s more, she knows how to project to the camera,” dfl-001 pointed out.

“Wow, she looks amazing! Definitely a supermodel in the making… Somehow this just looks refreshing despite the theme being the overplayed 90s/2000s R&B meets Versace vibe,” approved Benn98.

Check out Precious’ accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Angèle Becomes a Chanel Ambassador With the Brand’s Coco Beach 2021 Campaign

Chanel may just be the fashion house with the most brand ambassadors. The impressive lineup includes Marion Cotillard, Margot Robbie, Lily-Rose Depp, Penélope Cruz, Kristen Stewart and the list goes on and on. Chanel now officially welcomes Angèle into the fold. Following an appearance in the Spring 2020 eyewear campaign, the Belgian singer/songwriter cements herself as a friend of the legendary French label with a series of ads for the Coco Beach 2021 collection. Angèle poses for photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch for the studio-shot images.

Chanel ‘Coco Beach’ 2021 : Angèle by Oliver Hadlee Pearch


Members of our forums have undoubtedly seen better from Chanel. “Should have been a location shoot…” complained tomtakesphotos.

“This shouldn’t have been a shoot at all,” declared mikel in response.

“It’s just all so dark and lacking energy for what is supposed to be a beach collection. The black backdrop and sand was the worst idea and perhaps Oliver Hadlee Pearch wasn’t the best choice as photographer, either. The collection undoubtedly needed the Lily-Rose Depp/Karim Sadli/Cruise 2021 campaign touch!” stated vogue28.

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WAVES was also less than impressed: “If it wasn’t for the Chanel logo, this could be River Island, H&M, Topshop… I could go on and on. Angèle looks as interesting as my drying rack. Another model could’ve elevated this much more.”

Urban Stylin shared the same sentiment. “I would never guess that this is Chanel…”

“Do you know when you have extra money and buy something useless? That’s exactly what these brands seem to do when they hire these famous people who don’t add ANYTHING!” exclaimed DK92.

“What Chanel would look like under Maria Grazia Chiuri… That’s not a compliment. This campaign is a mess because of the clothes. I like Angèle for Chanel,” voiced toffie.

Chanel ‘Coco Beach’ 2021 : Angèle by Oliver Hadlee Pearch


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