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Forum Buzz: Menswear in Milan Gets Our Boys Talking and Love Magazine Has tFS Going Both Ways

This week, forum members review the menswear collections for Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen and Pringle of Scotland. Plus, Kate Moss kisses Lea T. and the forum responds with over 6,000 views. 

The forums weigh in on the Autumn/Winter 2011 Menswear Collections in Milan

Jil Sander RTW Fall/Winter 2011The bright colors in Raf Simons’s menswear collection for Jil Sander (right) this season got tFS members feeling a little better about winter. Simons used “a stunning pallete” according to jeremydante, and Dior_couture1245 added that “the colors and the textures are so sumptuous.” Though many seemed to love what they were seeing, FashionPower thought that Simons’s presentation was too much of a copy of Jil Sander’s Spring/Summer 2011 womenswear collection. “Please someone change the channel,” he implored. I think Ives927 had it right when he replied: “I don’t understand this whole ‘copying’ thing. I don’t see anything wrong when the menswear collection has the same inspiration or resembles the womenswear collection, and vice versa. It comes from the same label and season; I believe they should relate to one another. It’s not ‘copying’, it’s simply translating the same inspiration for a different gender.” Building a brand is all about cohesion and creating an identity, right?

At Alexander McQueen, tFS posters loved that Sarah Burton infused the menswear collection with a military vibe, and despite a few naysayers, her collection received positive responses. “Very impressive,” commented kingchic. “As we can always expect from a McQueen collection. The masterful tailoring is evident and well showcased. The inspiration and references weren’t taken to that level we’re used to, but, commercially, there’s no doubt this collection will be well received.” Burton may have even converted some new fans. “This is better than I had expected, said lmelanie, “I am not too familiar with McQueen’s menswear but now it seems to be on my radar like never before.” Thefrenchy shared a similar sentiment, saying: “I find myself wanting many of those pieces and I usually couldn’t care less about McQueen when it comes to menswear.”

tFS member Ultramarine tipped me off that his choice for the clear winner among the collections in Milan was Pringle of Scotland’s Autumn/Winter 2011 menswear, which received unanimous glowing reviews from our forum members. Crying Diamonds put it simply: “A collection of interesting, covetable pieces, Pringle is great.” Mikeijames was a bit more passionate: “I am screaming over the sumptuousness of these Pringle knits. This is the best collection I’ve seen from this house EVER.” The Pringle collection also brought comparisons to Burberry, the fashion powerhouse that is known to have a similar aesthetic. Afterrhours said, “I used to associate Pringle of Scotland with Burberry for some reason, but now that I’ve actually begun to pay attention to Pringle, I find it more interesting and desirable.” Street_a_Licious drew the same conclusion, stating that Pringle is “probably the better Burberry Prorsum.”


The tFS forum goes both ways over LOVE Magazine’s S/S 2011 cover featuring Kate Moss kissing Lea T. 

Kate Moss and Tea L. cover of LOVE kissingWhile many tFS forum members thought the cover of LOVE Magazine’s S/S 2011 Androgyny Issue, shot by Mert & Marcus and featuring Kate Moss and transsexual model Lea T. locked in a kiss was arresting, beautiful, eye catching and thought-provoking (myself included), the overall response was varied, with some posters questioning Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand’s stylistic choices. “It is pathetic,” Kissmiss said of the cover. “The kiss could not feel less natural. Katie Grand comes across as more and more desperate.” 

*ana*’s interpretation was a bit more forgiving: “I don’t like Katie Grand’s frequent attempts to provoke, but I think this image is quite beautiful and well executed. It seems to have feeling, affection. I love how we can see Kate Moss’s freckles,” she added. For Northern Star, it seemed that Kate Moss’ modified biker-chic mullet may have been the source of his contention. “This could have been spectacular, but it just misses the mark somehow,” he wrote. “Still a very striking and different cover.” We’ll see how tFS responds to the second cover image when it is released. I expect that Justin Bieber, photographed by Terry Richardson, will be quite a contrast to this lip-locking duo and I’m wondering what tricks Katie Grand thinks she has hidden up her sleeve to make Justin Bieber seem edgy.