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The Hits and Misses of Haute Couture Spring 2011 (Forum Buzz)

Another Haute Couture season in Paris has come and gone and tFS forum members have been passionately posting their thoughts on the lavish presentations. Read on for reviews of the Spring/Summer 2011 Haute Couture highs and lows.

Haute Couture Spring 2011 Hits

The Hits: Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring 2011 collections; images via theFashionSpot forums



“[Riccardo Tisci] has proven he belongs in the company of the Lagerfelds and the Gaultiers and the Gallianos of the world. He’s street enough to give us dog printed oversized t-shirts, yet he’s visionary enough to deliver this collection which looks like an oil painting it’s so fantastic.” [mikeijames]

 “I was speechless at how amazing this is. Except for the obnoxious headgear, this is true Haute Couture once again. I did not think it was possible for Tisci to top his last collection as that was perfection, but this is just even a little more spectacular. I love the fact Tisci did not make it so obvious that he was inspired by Asian culture, but you can feel the inspiration still. The cuts are gorgeous, the materials are luxurious, the detailing… you can tell it has hours/days/months of work.” [Salvatore]

“The silhouettes are something I have seen Tisci do before, but the detailing in the collection is AMAZING. This is beyond beautiful… When I saw the first back view I was not so sure, but now I’m blown away. The collection has the subtle undertones of Asian influences without being overbearing. Love it.” [Chris_Couture05]

“The right amount of gimmick with stunning techniques and glorious creativity. This is the best couture this season so far.” [TaylorBinque

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Jean Paul Gaultier

“This is just fantastic. Loving the intricate details. Some awkward silhouettes, but a great collection all-in-all…” [Alexei]

“Gaultier really knows how to cut a sharp silhouette… I love how strong his women always are. This is a joy to behold. Some things are a bit off for me—the stirrups, for example—but overall really stunning.” [Softgrey]

“This is by far his best collection in years despite the fact that it’s not quite on par with his absolute best work. It’s nice to see him make actual clothes as opposed to kitschy costumes based on cheesy themes. I mean the punk thing on its own would have been completely trite, but I actually think it was used pretty well in this case.” [Spike413]

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Armani Privé

“This is really wonderful to look at. It’s nice to see Armani play a bit, lighten up and have some fun with his work. Beyond that, these clothes are a fascinating mix between minimal and maximal. They’re so vibrantly colored and so shiny, yet you look at a lot of the pieces and they’re either mostly or entirely unadorned. I doubt if anyone could call them boring, though.” [Spike413]

“This isn’t my favorite Armani Privé collection… but I’m enjoying the new confidence bursting forth at the house of Giorgio Armani. He has definitely turned a new leaf and it’s so apparent not only in the designs for his house, but the bold strides the company has made in all of its endeavors.” [Mikeijames]

“I’m very very very impressed. This collection looks NOTHING like the stuff Mr. Armani has done before… It seems the label is moving on, and I like, no, LOVE the direction it is taking. Phillip Treacy hats? YES! Models who look straight out of Studio 54? YES! All this show needed was Grace Jones performing!!!” [Ultramarine]

“It’s just impossible for me to dislike something both futuristic and elegant like this.” [Eyrene]

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Haute Couture Spring 2011 Misses

The Misses: Christian Dior, Chanel, Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2011 collections; images via theFashionSpot forums


Christian Dior

“Had [Galliano] actually followed through with the dark, moody Gruau-inspired eroticism that he opened the show with this might actually have been less boring than usual, but then it wouldn’t be a Dior collection without pastels and frou… Would it kill someone in that atelier to show us something we haven’t already seen?” [Spike413]

“The shapes are nothing new… the last few dresses are nothing new. I like how he played with proportion a bit… The darker toned pieces feel more modern, and I like that it feels more dramatic. But all in all it still is just another New Look revisited collection.” [Mr-Dale]

“I feel like I have seen the EXACT SAME hair and make up in every Dior Haute Couture show I’ve ever cared enough to watch. There is a difference between consistency in style and stagnation and I’m thinking he is leaning heavily toward the latter.” [cambry]

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“I really don’t like any of this. The silhouettes are all unattractive to me and I don’t like the soft, baby-tone colors. I don’t think Karl does ‘floaty’ clothes well. He is so much better with structure and shape, which he sometimes does really well in [Haute Couture] shows.” [rox_yr_sox]

“What a tame collection… it’s pretty, but I feel like I’ll forget about it in five minutes. Nothing really grabbed my attention.” [ScarlettLover]

“This is the first time ever that I’ve been completely unimpressed by a Chanel collection. I just don’t like it. Disappointed.” [KaraDanielle11]

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“Really gorgeous but this is Pret-a-Porter, nothing more.” [Fatalefashion]

“It’s not as bad as it is bland and disappointing. Like everyone has said, just same old same old.” [MyNameIs]

“But for the ruffles and lace, it could’ve been Chloé. Just how long can this house stand under such a lack of vision? The clothes are decent enough, and sure, I even like some of them, but does even a single dress take your breath away like a Givenchy gown would? Does even one suit conjure that ethereal spirit we saw at Chanel? Does one pant compare to those svelte numbers at Gaultier? Even the red in this collection doesn’t feel as rich as it did at Dior. This stuff doesn’t even compare to the new kid on the block, Armani.” [Mikeijames]

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