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Forum Buzz: Anna Wintour Wears Tom Ford to a Gucci Event; Theyskens’ Theory Available Online

Anna Wintour Wear Tom Ford at Gucci EventAnna Wintour Honors Gucci by Wearing Tom Ford

Anna Wintour had tFS members in stitches when Dkammern pointed out that she had shown up at a dinner at the Italian embassy in honor of Gucci wearing a dress by none other than Tom Ford (Gucci’s former Creative Director, who left the label on bad terms in 2004). “I guess only Anna can pull off wearing that to a Gucci event!” he exclaimed. Wintour’s dress was one of the looks from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection that marked Ford’s much-anticipated reentry into womenswear since his departure from Gucci. “I cannot stop laughing at the audacity of it!” added mikeijames.


Kinder Who for Macy’s?

Reactions at tFS have been lukewarm in response to the news of Kinder Aggugini’s capsule collection for Macy’s, which will debut in stores on February 15. Part of the reason is that the London-based Aggugini is relatively unknown in the United States. “Is anyone familiar with this designer?” asked lucy92, upon posting the news of the collaboration. Lack of instant name-recognition aside, we’re not sure the previews of the clothes in this capsule collection are enough to lure us into Macy’s. “I wish I liked it more,” said softgrey. “Is it on the Macy’s website? ‘Cause there is NOTHING that can make me go into Macy’s in Times Square.”

Getting a Piece of Theyskens’ Theory

TheyskensTheory, the collaboration between Olivier Theyskens and Theory, is now available online and tFS members are ready to whip out their credit cards. “I’ve spent hours lusting over the collection today,” admitted Psylocke. “I need the velvet wedge pumps in my life,” she added. If tFS reactions are any indication, the pumps will soon be a hot commodity: “Thank god for that price tag, I’m thinking about getting the velvet shoes [as well] but I can’t decide between the colors,” said saann.

Stephaniet, for one, isn’t even thinking about the price tags. “This collection is all I would ever need in my wardrobe,” she said. “Let’s hope I bump into [Theyskens] at NYFW and maybe I can sweet talk him into giving me this entire line.” We should all be so lucky.


What Gives an Editorial the “Wow” Factor?

The “Fashion… In Depth” section of the forum is a place where tFS members can have conversations about fashion and its impact. Earlier this month, fraiseap asked members for their opinions on what gives a fashion editorial the “wow” factor. For iluvjeisa, a “wow” editorial is one that combines “images that show idiosyncratic perfection, or even weird perfection. Usually, if you dissect [an image], it turns out that latent symmetries are the reason one is first drawn to an image and it is pretty important that those symmetries are not obvious at a cursory glance. In fact, it’s quite a turn off to see obvious work done to achieve ‘perfection’.”

Softgrey answered: “This is a very personal opinion, but I like very bold, graphic images… and high contrast… whether it be color or black and white. Those are the strongest images for me … the ones that stop me from turning the page and burn themselves into my mind forever.” Urban Stylin stated simply that “if you cast the right model for the shoot there’s no way it can go wrong,” while BetteT emphasized the importance of the team effort. “It’s the whole package that makes an editorial sing… the story… the photography… the model… the styling… It takes an entire team to create an editorial and if everyone on that team is on fire, the editorial will be HOT!” Fashion editors, are you taking notes?