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Forum Buzz: Gemma Ward Reemerges; Elle Fanning Prances for Rodarte

Gemma WardThis week, the forums were ecstatic over the news of Gemma Ward’s return to the spotlight, Rodarte released a short film featuring Elle Fanning to promote the brand, and Vogue Italia’s February 2011 cover was anything but edgy.

The Return of Gemma Ward

The fashion world couldn’t believe their eyes this week when Australian model Gemma Ward slowly began to reemerge after a three-year hiatus from the spotlight. Gemma fans have been patiently waiting, hoping, and posting about a comeback since her retreat from the public eye after the death of Heath Ledger in January 2008. Now, for the first time, Gemma Ward is speaking out about her relationship with Ledger, her choice to take a break from modeling and her future plans with the Perth Theater Company.

"Are those really new pictures of Gemma?” asked a disbelieving soymilkfreak, one of Gemma’s devoted fans and followers in the tFS forums. “She looks great in the new [pictures] and it’s interesting she opened up about her ‘relationship’ with Heath Ledger,” said Psylocke. “I wouldn’t have expected her to ever talk about it. It must have been really hard for her!” While everyone in Gemma’s thread seemed happy about all the new information, some were skeptical about an actual return to modeling. “Is she really back to modeling?” asked Ives927. “I’m still holding out on that. I’ll believe it when I see it. Seems like she’s more into acting.”

Whatever she’s doing, you can be sure that the forums will be watching and supporting Gemma every step of the way.

Elle Fanning Explores in Rodarte

Rodarte is looking to capitalize on the buzz around twelve-year-old ingénue Elle Fanning by featuring her in a short film by Todd Cole called The Curve of Forgotten Things. The eight-minute film, set to instrumental background music, shows Fanning prancing around and exploring an abandoned home and barn while dressed in various Rodarte creations. tFS forum members thought the casting was a shrewd move on Rodarte’s part. “She’s gorgeous in the video, she looks so much older (mature, not haggard) than she is, it’s weird to see her in these clothes, Vogue Italiayou forget she’s only twelve [years old],” said Alvedansen. Dajrekshn agreed, “She looks beyond stunning in the video. Considering how sometimes elderly Rodarte clothes tend to look, [Elle is] a perfect model for them to get the balance. Perfect.”

Nothing But Venom for
Vogue Italia

The cover of Vogue Italia’s February 2011 issue, featuring model Candice Swanepoel photographed by Steven Meisel, has been revealed and it’s safe to say that most tFS members are not liking what they’re seeing. “The cover resembles some of Meisel’s very early Italian Vogue work…with less class and more bling,” said Mchunu. “She looks like she could be the main ho in a 50 Cent video. I don’t like.” Mousyy put it simply: “Her face looks terrible, the styling is awful.” “It’s too bad they made her look so trashy because she is so gorgeous,” added ALAUU. Better luck next time Vogue Italia