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Forum Buzz: Wal-Mart’s Makeup for Tweens; Eva Green the Female Johnny Depp?

Lady Gaga Vogue US March 2011 CoverLady Gaga’s in Vogue

Vogue’s March 2011 cover featuring Lady Gaga photographed by Mario Testino and wearing Haider Ackermann has been leaked, and despite a few detractors who declared that Gaga was “ugly” and “superficial”, the general consensus among forum members seems to be positive. “The fact that Gaga can get the cover is a boost to the dreams of anyone not in possession of the type of beauty welcomed by Hollywood or the runway,” Tigerrouge applauded.

Fabulyss shared her surprising response to the cover saying, “I hate Lady Gaga—with an absolute passion… but I’m head over heels for this cover! US Vogue is finally taking a step in the right direction with this.” Saann also had complimentary things to say: “I love the pastel color palette on the cover, and this is a nice cover considering the combination of the cover subject and the magazine. It looks like they met halfway without any of them losing their identity. The result is quite nice and not the disaster it could be. Sure it could be more fun and ‘out there’ but this is US Vogue and it’s quite a big step for them.”

MulletProof also liked the cover but wondered if Vogue might be behind the curve in featuring Gaga. “The picture and styling is kind of amazing,” she said. “Too bad the cover star just happens to be Lady Gaga. Last time I heard Lady Gaga, it was ‘Bad Romance’ and it was my mom playing it at her office… putting [Lady Gaga] on the cover now just makes Anna Wintour seem older and probably more out of touch than she already is.”

Wal-Mart’s Makeup for Tweens

This month, Wal-Mart is set to start selling a new makeup line called geoGirl that is targeted toward tweens. The line will feature sheer lipglosses, light pink blush, light pink and purple eyeshadows and mascara, with prices ranging from $4 to $6. News of the line met with unanimous criticism from forum members. “Why don’t we just come out with a makeup line for babies while we’re at it,” said a sarcastic ChloeFrancoise. “I got my first makeup when I was eight years old, but I used it for dressing up and sleepovers,” explained Emma Naomi. “It was one of those things with bright pink blush and bright blue eyeshadow, and that was it. I don’t think it’s good to encourage real makeup use (as in, to make yourself look better) for kids. It’s fine as a dressing up play thing… but not SERIOUS makeup… kids don’t need it. It’s not good.”

Eva GreenEva Green Joins Johnny Depp for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

tFS fans of Eva Green could barely contain their excitement upon learning the news that she has been cast in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, a gothic-horror tale based on the television show of the same name that will also feature Johnny Depp. As far back as August of last year, forum members such as fantastical were calling her “the female Johnny Depp.”

“Imagine if they worked together?” urged Captain_Lydia at the time. “I’d love to see her in a Tim Burton film.” Those hopes will soon be a reality. “Eva is perfect for these Tim Burton roles!” said an excited starblood. “And alongside Johnny Depp. Could it be any better?”

We’ll see if the final product proves these tFS predictions of greatness true or false.

A Baby Girl for the Beckhams?

Rumor has is that Victoria Beckham is expecting a baby girl. Could it be that after giving birth to three boys, the fashion-loving Beckham will finally have a daughter who will inherit her extensive wardrobe? “If they do have a girl, she’s going to come out wearing Christian Louboutin heels,” quipped sobriquet87.

Lady Gaga cover image courtesy of stylite, Eva Green image courtesy of tifan.