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NYFW Fall 2011 Hits and Misses: Day 5 (Forum Buzz)

Check out the Fashion Spot Forum’s picks for some of the best and worst of Day 5 of New York Fashion Week.

Forum Hits NYFW Fall 2011 - Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, The RowThe hits: Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, The Row


Donna Karan

“This collection is the epitome of polished. Finally, clothes ordinary women actually want to wear.” [LabelWhore4]

“No doubt the highlight of NYC so far. Unbelievably classy.” [Northern Star]

“What a great collection! Reminds me of mixture of the 1940s and Lanvin. Very fresh and very elegant clothing.” [holaloha]

“Wow amazingly beautiful and feminine. So elegant.” [AuRevoirSavannah]

“God, it's absolutely drop dead gorgeous! This is the Donna Karan I infinitely adore and appreciate. The draping is almost mythical.” [Squizree]

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Marc Jacobs 

“It was very simple and I had expected something completely different but this was really nice! I love that about Marc, you never know which turn he will take. The tailoring was impeccable, I loved the pencil skirts! It was a very grown up and pulled together Marc woman we saw… I love it.” [saann]

“What a surprise, as always! The first looks immediately read fresh, but as the show progressed one could definitely see the influence of Vuitton's archive on Jacobs' tastes. The music was a rather lame take on the 90s, which was evident in the accessories, but Marc didn't adhere solely to gritty 90s cool or haute bourgoise madame; he made it all his own with the (rather tricky) mix-and-match texture play, and circular everything. The Polka-dotted gloves were a bit much, but the proportions absolutely gobsmacked me. I can't wait to see the flared-hipped skirts used in editorials, and how it will influence designers in the upcoming seasons. His formula worked for the better this time, and I can't wait to explore it up close.” [teacakes]

“I absolutely love it. Super polished collection from Marc. It definitely looks like a ‘recent hits’ kind of show… I see a lot of hints of his namesake Spring/Summer 2009, Fall/Winter 2009 and Fall/Winter 2008 collections, among others.” [dior_couture1245]

“What I love about Marc Jacobs' collections is that they stand out from all the others, particularly within New York. His stuff is different, he works to different rules, and creates different trends. No typical pops of cobalt blue, orange or red here, no grey fur, no 70s boringness. I love the polka dot madness, the lace, and the beautiful fitted shapes.” [thefunkykitten

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The Row 

“I adore this collection, very elegant.” [paintitblack]

“[This collection is] very well done. I'm truly impressed.” [edsbgrl]

“You can see a lot of 20s influence in the cuts and shapes (including the trousers) – gorgeous. Really like a 20s Katherine Hepburn look. [I’m] loving some of the subtle Asian influences as well. And the belts! The belts are great.” [Meg]

“It is so luxe! I can't even imagine how beautiful some of these pieces must be up close. With this collection you can really tell how much [Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen] have progressed as designers, and frankly as artists. They are getting further away from the basics and wearables they started with and [are] creating a more unique and inspirational aesthetic. They have been so smart in their decision-making with The Row—it’s fun to watch them define their brand, and I can't wait to see what's next!” [HeatherAnne]

“This seems like a much more ambitious collection than they've previously done, and they've pulled it off very well. Love the different textures in this collection!” [hautechild]


Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 NYFW Carolina Herrera Fall 2011 NYFWThe misses: Betsey Johnson, Carolina Herrera


Betsey Johnson

“It’s charming, but it simply lacks that girly finesse coolness that Betsey is known for.” [Squizree]

“Lacks the fun it always brings, but I love seeing real people on the runway.” [Petit Lucille]

“I think the joke's wearing a bit thin for me now.” [rosalynn]

“Not feeling this at all and I usually like her clothes. What a shame.” [Label Basher]

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Carolina Herrera

“Pretty boring.” [ForChicSake]

“I like all these new fabrics, but those ‘foil’ dresses looked very bad in motion.” [FakeFlower]

“Not feeling this. At all.” [gossiping]

“It’s a beautiful collection to say the least but nothing really pops out. I actually like the day pieces [more] than I do the dresses, they are just a bit dull…” [Chris_Couture05]

“Some of the pieces were just so beautiful, and so classy. But there were others that were a bit of a disappointment. For the most part I thought the collection was adequate, but nothing too exciting in my opinion.” [holaloha]

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Photos: Vincenzo Grillo, IMAXtree.