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NYFW Fall 2011 Hits and Misses: Day 7 (Forum Buzz)

The forums applauded Michael Kors’ 30th anniversary collection and the boys at Proenza Schouler, but were a bit disappointed in Marchesa and 3.1 Philip Lim on the seventh day of New York Fashion Week. Read on for their reviews of the shows.


Michael Kors 

Michael Kors Fall 2011 NYFW Forum BuzzMichael Kors Fall 2011 NYFW Forum Buzz

“I loved it! I've begun to like Michael Kors more and more recently. [The collection] was simple but luxurious. Loved the sparkles as well.” [sill]

“Very nice. Best collection by [Michael Kors] in a long time. Great dresses, cool jumpsuits. Very warm and wearable.” [Versace-Goddess]

“I loved every outfit! The fabrics were so amazing. Very flattering and without any wrinkling… great shapes as well!!! And the color palette fits so well. Stunning collection!” [FakeFlower]

“I have to say I love what [Michael Kors] does with fall collections, the fall New York collections always seem very warm, comfortable and cozy and he does this the best… Lots of beautifully tailored pieces.” [Chris_Couture05]

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Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 NYFW Forum BuzzProenza Schouler Fall 2011 NYFW Forum Buzz

“Thoroughly enjoyed this… I really love the East/South-East Asian ethnic tribal vibe that I got from the clothes. They all looked really good in movement. The prints were fantastic, while there was a lot going on there the shades of color that were picked made them work without becoming overwhelming. The shoes, love them, seriously think they are gonna be huge. This will be one of the highlights for NY this season. My mind has been left scrambled… by the sheer brilliance of this.” [purplethistle]

“I actually liked this collection. When I saw the first few pieces, I was completely unimpressed, but as the collection progressed, I saw the cool almost Missoni-like dresses, and again, I kind of saw a little Balenciaga  in there as well. The prints towards the end, and the over sized Matrix-like coats were magnificent.” [holaloha

“I find the colors and patterns work well with the cuts and shapes and there is something interesting and beautiful about every single one of the outfits which makes the collection very strong. It's definitely one of my favorite NYFW collections of this season and I'm really happy that [Proenza Schouler] delivered yet again.” [Psylocke]

“In love with this collection, personally I'd wear about 99% of it. It hit the right balance of keeping with the [Proenza Schouler] vibe and trying new things, they have been so consistently good for the past four seasons. [There are] fresh and exciting colors and prints but in shapes that are very wearable. Along with Rodarte, my favorite collection so far.” [Melly5525]

“Beautiful! My one and only favorite collection thus far. The prints are fantastic and they mesh together with the shapes and the solid colors. If I was a woman I would wear this in a heartbeat. Jack and Lazaro rarely disappoint!” [Style Savvy]

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Marchesa Fall 2011 NYFW Forum BuzzMarchesa Fall 2011 NYFW Forum Buzz

“Marchesa's collections don't seem to evolve from season to season. It's always the same thing. Pretty, yes, but quite boring.” [clo]

“I feel as if [Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig] always make such breathtaking dresses—the technique is definitely there. I just think that there is something unoriginal about them, and I say this because each season they are easily compared to other designer's works. [They] seem to build on others’ aesthetics… I, like mentioned before, see a lot of McQueen and Givenchy. I don't think Marchesa is anything revolutionary or radically inventive when it comes to design. Although [the designs] are undeniably beautiful, [Chapman and Craig are] more about execution/creation than concept.” [Treefingers]

“Their collections always look like Kleenex.” [Squizree]

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3.1 Philip Lim

3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2011 NYFW Forum Buzz3.1 Philip Lim Fall 2011 NYFW Forum Buzz

“I'm actually pretty disappointed by this collection. Pre-Fall was much better. I thought the minimalism in the Pre-Fall collection was beautifully done whereas here it doesn't work at all. Some outfits look rather sloppy and unflattering. I find it lacks the delicate elegance and feminine flair of the Pre-Fall and last season's [Ready-to-Wear] collection. I really only like the coats and the blazers here.” [Psylocke]

“I thought there were several nice pieces, but taken as a whole, the collection didn't seem to ‘hang together.’” [Not Plain Jane]

“Some looks are nice but overall this is quite a disappointing collection.” [isa.b.elle.]

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Photos: Vincenzo Grillo, IMAXtree