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Forum Buzz: Galliano’s Drunken Debacle Continues; Kirsten Dunst Fronts Bulgari’s New Fragrance

Galliano’s Drunken Debacle

John Galliano goes to court in Paris for alleged anti-Semitic remarks When news broke that fashion designer John Galliano was suspended from his role at Christian Dior amid rumors of a drunken verbal altercation with a couple in a café in the Marais district in Paris in which he supposedly hurled anti-Semitic slurs at the woman, the Fashion Spot forums were immediately inundated with commentary. Many members expressed their support for Dior’s actions in light of Galliano’s alleged offenses. “Talk about bad timing,” wrote ChristianThomas, “but [I’m] impressed that Dior stepped up like this just before fashion week instead of waving it away because he's the big designer and all… it serves him right.” Agee agreed and expressed a similar thought: “I definitely believe in due process and my beloved Galliano should get it but I respect the folks at Dior for taking the matter seriously and taking such a strong and swift action, especially at this time and assuming that they had a sound basis, and showing that certain behaviors are not tolerated.”

Mr-Dale, for one, expressed his hope that the reports were sensationalized and that the matter would be resolved quickly with Galliano remaining at the helm of Dior. “I know we've all bitched about the current creative path [Galliano has] chosen for Dior, but still I can NOT imagine Dior without Galliano. I hate to get all sentimental but he's [kind of] been my hero for eight years now and his designs for Dior lured me into being a fashion freak, so even a state of suspension is [sort of] freaking me out. I honestly, wholeheartedly hope that the accusations are false or heavily exaggerated so that this will all blow over. And soon please!” 

This story is far from over and Galliano will face the couple he insulted today, Monday, when the police will determine whether to send this case of defamation to court. Reports have already been confirmed that a second complaint alleging anti-Semitic remarks from an incident a couple weeks earlier has been lodged against Galliano. With things looking increasingly worse as fashion week in Paris is fast approaching and Galliano’s fate at Dior hangs in the balance, the forums are riveted on every new development. 


Kirsten Dunst for Bulgari Fragrance Mon Jasmin NoirKirsten Dunst Fronts Bulgari’s New Fragrance

No stranger to fashion ad campaigns, actress Kirsten Dunst was tapped to be the face of Bulgari’s new fragrance, Mon Jasmin Noir. The print ad for the perfume features Dunst cradling an oversized bottle of the scent, and while the Fashion Spot forum members think that Dunst herself looks beautiful, the concept for the ad was not so successful. “I don't really like the ad, but it's definitely not Kirsten's fault,” said atooomic. “Actually she looks so gorgeous in it–too bad it looks so cheap.” Jomarlushka thought that the ad was guilty of “photoshop-overkill,” and that she “wouldn't [even] recognize her as Kirsten.” Certainly not what you would want when hiring a celebrity to represent your brand, right?

More than Kirsten’s physical appearance, the concept of the ad that had Dunst posing with a lion just didn’t seem to tell a story or make much sense. “I feel like they maybe tried to capture a Marie Antoinette-like vibe, with the colors, the sensuality and the opulence… and they just really failed,” Sylphide noted. “What's the lion about? I don't get it. Shame, because Kirsten deserves a really memorable campaign.” 


Jennifer Aniston's new blond bobJennifer Aniston’s New ‘Do is a Do

While doing press for her new film Just Go With It with Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston appeared with her famous tresses freshly chopped in a fashionable bob. “Love this new haircut!” gushed BettiePage. “Simply fresh and sexy, great little change! This light blond is perfect in my opinion,” she added. 

Lvstratus was also in favor of the new look. “The new haircut is so amazing! Finally she did something to her hair (not that it was not gorgeous before, but it is always good to change),” she said.



tFS is Smitten with Celine’s Mini Luggage Tote

Phoebe Philo can seemingly do no wrong with the handbags she’s churning out for Celine. Handbag-lovers on the forum are smitten with the mini cross-body luggage tote that has been photographed on fashionable women in street style shots during “fashion month.” Thefrenchy thinks the mini luggage bags “are adorable” and Label Basher thinks the green version of the tote is “beyond gorgeous. Your eye goes straight to it,” she says. 

LolaSvelt is another proponent of the bag. “The mini luggage tote is my favorite bag at the moment,” she asserted. With such a great track record in tFS' discriminating forums, members are sure to love whatever Philo comes out with next as well.


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