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Forum Buzz: John Galliano’s Replacement; Kate Middleton Channels Princess Diana

“The Bitch is Back and Better Than Ever”

Britney Spears V 3 covers March 2011

Britney Spears is the cover girl (three times over in fact) of V magazine’s latest issue, and as the headline professes, “The Bitch is Back and Better Than Ever.” The covers and accompanying images are reminiscent of Britney at the height of her popularity, before the days of shaved heads and umbrella attacks against the paparazzi. “THIS is the Britney I love!!” exclaimed KateIsGr8. “So glad she is back and I am so excited for her new album. Can't wait to see this in print!” 

Ckgrlbr is “just happy [Britney] got this cover because it seems like a celebration of a good moment in her career.” *ana* was also “very happy to see Britney on the cover,” and iluvjeisa thinks that “V and Britney is a perfect combination.”
While girlalamode “definitely [doesn’t] believe she's back and better than ever,” she had to admit that the images of Britney were “really fresh” and that she liked them. Regardless of whether Britney is technically better than ever, it’s good to see her thriving. For the moment, anyway.
Christine Centenera Milan Fashion Week Street Style
Note to Christine Centenera: We Hate Your Jeans
The usually stylish Christine Centenera, a Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, was photographed during fashion week in Milan wearing a pair of jeans that was decidedly unfashionable. “Those jeans just look hideous! Sorry Christine but not even you can pull them off,” chided songbirdsel. Rochasfille criticized: “Those denim pants might have worked if they were just the tiniest bit smaller in the thigh–they're too baggy all over, which overwhelms her.”
Though the biker jacket she wore made her look “badass” according to honeyisle, there was just no “[getting] past the jeans,” for FashionGuru1988. “So unflattering,” she added. 
Is Kate Middleton Emulating Princess Diana?
“I might be the only one who sees it,” wild roses began cautiously, “but I think Kate [Middleton] (in her red suit with the turtleneck underneath) is clearly channeling Princess Diana.” After seeing the images it was difficult for forum members to chalk it all up to coincidence.
Kate Middleton red suitPrincess Diana yellow suit
“Oh my god!… it's almost the same outfit,” posted Ashcottmanor. “But I have to say, Diana looked way better in it.” Sethii was also not amused. “Who dresses in an identical way to their fiancé's mother in the 1990s?!” he asked.
Loladonna attempted to play devil’s advocate, saying, “To be fair the royals always favor those matronly suits. Any suit Kate wears will probably look like something Diana wore before.” Lacroix conceded that she didn’t think Middleton’s look was intentionally similar, but “this just proves Kate has a frumpy and outdated sense of style,” she jabbed.
The Future of Christian Dior
Amid all of the drama of John Galliano being fired from his position as Creative Director at Christian Dior after being charged with making anti-Semitic and racist comments, the forums have begun to speculate about what is next in terms of design aesthetic, and more importantly, who is next for the venerable fashion house. Galliano has been at the helm for so long that his designs seem to have defined a new kind of Christian Dior woman. The scandal and Galliano’s unceremonious departure are sure to shake things up for the brand.
Though it seems possible that Dior could promote from within the current design team, forum members have been having much more fun imagining the possibility of another established designer entering the fold and breathing new life into the brand. Among the names being batted around in speculation were Rodarte, Olivier Theyskens, Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and Hedi Slimane, among others. Fantastical championed Lacroix, asserting, “that would be an absolute dream. He's the only name mentioned so far that I think could handle both [Ready to Wear] and Haute Couture and still keep the identity of the Dior brand.”
But, according to dior_couture1245: “Dior needs a major shake up. Considering all that has happened within the last few days, I imagine LVMH wouldn't want Dior to continue in the same direction in order to avoid any further associations with John Galliano. I think the idea of Rodarte is rather exciting, to be honest. I feel like the house needs a new team that can stay for a good number of years. The last thing Dior needs is a Valentinoesque fiasco on their hands… Also, I cannot think of any other newish designer who has the capacity and individuality to give Dior a new, strong identity. The Mulleavy sisters have proven their versatility as of late, what with lower priced lines, more commercial collections, movie costumes, red-carpet gowns, etc. And imagine what they could do with Couture (considering their RTW is practically Couture as it is!)” 
Tricotineacetat could also “see the Rodarte sisters filling the womenswear niche without difficulty,” but he also made a case for Hedi Slimane as an option. “It would be very realistic for Dior officials to court Hedi Slimane to make a return to the house, even though I guess that would potentially make his return in menswear a bit unexciting since they would likely continue with his existing winning formula there,” he said. “Nonetheless, Slimane is well-known for having womenswear ambitions and was likely waiting with patience for a major job opportunity like this (or at YSL) to surface. Slimane is the best bet for sellable, modern tailoring and sportswear. I wonder, though, if his sensibilities would be well suited for proper haute couture as one expects from a house like Dior? It is hard to imagine a Slimane evening gown at the Oscars only one year in advance from now, no?”
Whichever direction LVMH chooses to take Dior in, tFS will surely have something to say about it. Click here to read more conjecture from the forums.