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Forum Buzz: Anna Wintour is All Smiles; Blake Lively Hawks Chanel Handbags

Why So Smiley, Anna Wintour?

When images of Anna Wintour trickled in from Fashion Week in Paris, tFS forum members were surprised by her uncharacteristic accessory: a smile. So strange was this expression on the usually stone-faced Wintour that it moved several members to comment about it and wonder what brought about the change.

Anna Wintour Paris fashion weekAnna Wintour Paris fashion week Fall 2011 street style

“You know, a smile is a natural facelift… so maybe that’s why?” guessed KKnardi. Carrme had a different theory, “I don't really keep up with personal lives,” she said, “but doesn't [Anna] have a new man in her life? That [could] be the case.”

Whatever the reason may be, as Not Plain Jane said, “It is nice to see her smiling so much.” It helps to diminish her usually intimidating “devil” vibe… a little bit.


Columnist Natasha Goldenberg Works the Color Block

Fashion columnist Natasha Goldenberg was photographed during “fashion month” working the color blocking trend and making a departure from her usual, more bohemian style, and posters in the Fashion Spot forums couldn’t be happier about it. The new style first drew notice when Goldenberg wore a slim bright pink pantsuit with a blue button up. 

Natasha Goldenberg Fall 2011 fashion week street styleNatasha Goldenberg Fall 2011 fashion week street style

“That pink suit is super gorgeous!” posted Prairie. Rochasfille called it “such an amazing, inspired combination!” When Goldenberg appeared in Paris later on sporting another color blocked outfit and taking the trend even further with two bright hues, the chorus of approval increased. Not Plain Jane wrote: “I like these colorful suiting looks she's been wearing; I am glad she's moving away from that bohemian look a little, and experimenting.” Lola_rose agreed, saying, “I am so happy to see her not doing boho anymore, this style direction suits her perfectly.”

My guess is that Goldenberg will return to her boho ways, but for now we’ll sit back and enjoy her color block phase. 


Blake Lively Strikes a Pose for Chanel

Blake Lively is the new celebrity face of Chanel handbags, and while some forum members think she looks great, others are having a hard time justifying her look with the aesthetic of the brand. In the past, Chanel has tapped actresses such as Keira Knightley and Vanessa Paradis to model for the brand; both a far cry from Lively’s beach blonde all-American look.

Blake Lively Chanel handbag ad

“I really don't like the Chanel ad,” said littlepaperstars. “She's not my idea of the Chanel aesthetic. It seems such a juxtaposition and not in an artistic good way.” Wild roses had a similar opinion: “I like the Chanel ad,” she wrote, “but it screams 'va va voom!' which I don't associate with Chanel, in any of its incarnations, at all… Blake may be feminine and modern, but her style is more Marilyn Monroe rather than Jackie Kennedy.”


Chloé’s Hannah MacGibbon is Not Going Anywhere

The New York Times reported a rumor earlier this week that Hannah MacGibbon, former assistant to Phoebe Philo and head designer for Chloé since 2008, could possibly be replaced by the brand following the runway show in Paris this week. The forums were excited about the prospect of some fresh blood heading up the venerable French fashion label. “Sad news but I hope it’s true… I’ve never been so bored of Chloé in my life,” said TREVOFASHIONISTO. Helmut.newton agreed: “Thank God they are moving on! Hopefully they will employ someone who will reinvigorate the brand a little more than Hannah did. Excited for the possibilities!”

Yesterday, however, hopes were dashed when a spokesperson from Chloé indicated that the rumors of MacGibbon’s departure were false. “Damn. The update was disappointing. Especially considering the absolute rags that were shown this season,” ponytrot responded to the news. Squizree agreed: “That sucks. Her latest collection was the worst excuse for clothes I've seen.”

Well, now there will be more where that came from.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot Forums:, Peter Stigter,, WWD