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Forum Buzz: Ashley Olsen’s Style Slip Up; Courtney Cox’s Bizarre Bazaar Cover

Ashley Olsen candid outfit - fur hat, beige shawl, red bagAshley Olsen a Style Icon? Really??

The Olsen twins have been “style icons” for years now, but if you’re taking fashion cues from Ashley Olsen at the moment, you might want to reconsider. A recent outfit made it look like Ashley was trying to revive her granny not-so-chic style. The individual elements of the outfit are not so bad; the Dries Van Noten boots and Prada bag both received compliments, but the haphazard way in which Ashley threw them on is what drew criticism. “What a hell???” said MaybeJaded when she posted the images. “Ashley, I love you but even I am shaking my head at that outfit. And please drop the hat!”

“Ashley looks totally atrocious… it looks like she's trying to look bad and she succeeds!” exclaimed sophieliciousxba. “[Her] outfit is not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever,” she added.

“Ashley looks like she's lost her damn mind,” misspistol commented. When you take into consideration that Ashley and her sister were just nominated for a CFDA Award, it makes you wonder if she knows something we don’t.


Lauren Santo Domingo: Pretentious and Pampered or Just Being Herself?

A recent interview for with socialite Lauren Santo Domingo, who is a Contributing Editor for Vogue magazine, and Co-Founder of Moda Operandi, a new online store that allows members to order clothes right off the runways, left posters in the Fashion Spot forums rolling their eyes and wondering about her level of self-awareness. “Look,” wrote LUXXX, “I know Lauren lives in a rarefied world and is ridiculously upper class, but my God! That Gloss article was a trip! She doesn't remember the last time she washed her hair [by herself]?! I mean that is just on a whole other level… how is that even possible? She may have surpassed Gwyneth, at her most pretentious, during the late 90s.”

Lauren Santo Domingo

DumbBlonde accused Santo Domingo of needing “to sound pretentious and out of reality to look fancy and cool,” while meens declared that, “‘I Can't Remember the Last Time I Washed My Own Hair’ is the new ‘Let Them Eat Cake.’”

Meg, for one, came to Santo Domingo’s defense. “I kind of like Lauren's honesty in the article,” she wrote. “I actually don't find that it comes off as pretentious. I guess it's the stream of conscious writing. Of course, it's the convenience of having money that means she can get a blowout every five days… she doesn't come across that she thinks she's better than anyone for doing things the way she does, she's just stating how she does things.”

So, the jury’s still out, but one thing’s for certain: Lauren Santo Domingo is not your average girl.


Harper's Bazaar April 2011 cover - Courtney Cox by Terry RichardsonCourteney Cox, is That You?

Harper’s Bazaar put out another failure of a cover this month when they decided to photoshop cover girl Courteney Cox back into her teen years. That isn’t supposed to be the intention of their “Fabulous at Every Age” issue, is it?

Negative feedback in the forums was unanimous. "Another horrible cover from Harper's Bazaar. What a waste of opportunity shooting Courteney Cox as this woman is lovely and beautiful," complained cottonmouth13. "Someone really needs to fire [Editor-in-Chief] Glenda Bailey. She's not bringing anything good to the magazine," he added.

“I was looking forward to seeing [Courteney Cox] on a fashion magazine's cover again but this sucks,” Psylocke lamented. “It looks like some photoshopped candid picture on a gossip magazine, it doesn't even look like a real photo shoot. Actually, it doesn't look like a real person either. DISAPPOINTING.” Mikel doesn’t think it looks like a real person either. He pointed out that Cox “looks like a wax statue on the cover.”


It’s Confirmed: A Bouncing Baby Girl for the Beckams!

Congratulations to the Beckhams, who announced that they would be adding a baby girl to their brood when Victoria gives birth this summer to the couple’s fourth child. Fans in the forums were thrilled with the news. “So happy she's having a girl. Victoria is the kind of woman who just needs a daughter,” said Empress Merel.

“That’s so great, I’m happy for [them],” lizbabe09 congratulated, before getting down to what’s really important: “Finally Suri Cruise has some serious competition.” Kakaposh took the idea and ran with it. “Can you imagine a baby Birkin bag? Baby Louboutins? I’m excited,” he laughed.

We’ll have to wait a few more months for the baby Louboutins to materialize, but we’ll settle for admiring Victoria’s adult-size collection for now.


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