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Forum Buzz: Ashley Olsen Redeems Herself; the McQ by Alexander McQueen Campaign Goes to the Dogs

Lady Gaga - 2011 CFDA Award Fashion Icon recipientAre the CFDA Awards Losing Credibility?

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) announced their 2011 CFDA Awards nominations and honorees last week at an exclusive event hosted by Nadja Swarovski and CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg at the designer’s studio in New York City’s Meatpacking District. The nominees skewed young this year, with only two of them being over the age of 40.

Consensus in the Fashion Spot forums seems to be that the talent pool in America may be too small for the CFDA Awards to maintain their relevance. “The CFDA seriously needs to open itself up and start honoring international talents because it just gets weaker and weaker and more lame every year. Just so predictable,” Scott complained. 

More than the lack of diversity among the nominees though, there was surprise over the choice of Lady Gaga as the recipient of the Fashion Icon Award. “Fashion Icon Award – Lady Gaga? Is this a joke?” asked Psylocke. “Surely someone can't be considered an icon unless they prove that they're still relevant in 20 years time?” glitterpeacock questioned.

Kimair attempted to play Devil’s advocate. She wrote: “While I would probably not pick Lady Gaga, based on the past winners I can understand her impact on fashion and why she was chosen… and the reason they don't include international designers is because this is the Council of Fashion Designers of America… the International Award is how the CFDA recognizes designers from different countries.”

Relevant and credible or not, the awards will be announced at the annual gala, underwritten by Swarovski, on June 6, 2011.


Ashley Olsen Redeems Herself

Last week, we slammed Ashley Olsen for an unfortunate street style outfit of hers, but she managed to redeem herself quickly by appearing in a sleek pantsuit by The Row with sister Mary-Kate at the event where the 2011 CFDA Fashion Award nominations were announced. Both sisters were dressed to impress when they were recognized with a nomination for the Swarovski for Womenswear Award that aims to honor new talent (along with Joseph Altuzarra and Prabal Gurung). 

Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen wear The RowMary-Kate & Ashley Olsen with Diane von Furstenberg for CFDA 2011 Awards Nomination Announcement

Ashley accessorized her blush-toned The Row suit with yellow satin Manolo Blahnik heels, and Mary-Kate enhanced her The Row ensemble with a Balenciaga belt, Prada snakeskin clutch and Louis Vuitton heels. “Ashley looks amazing in that suit and [I love] that croc clutch,” admired kimair. “I like how Mary-Kate made the look her own, instead of wearing a full suit, doing separates and adding funky accessories,” she added. Saann continued to heap on the praise: “They both look so amazing. This must be one of my favorite looks of theirs; I can't believe Mary-Kate made me appreciate pants unzipped like that.”

Valentine27 appreciated that the girls’ individual style continues to shine through. “Wow, I'm amazed,” she posted. “They both look GORGEOUS. In their own way. Ash goes minimalist again but it's working as always. She looks so classy! And [Mary-Kate]… looks so effortlessly cool with the unzipped pants and the Louis Vuitton sandals. Both fabulous!”

Will the next looks from the twins be hits or misses? Your guess is as good as mine.


McQ by Alexander McQueen S/S 2011The McQ by Alexander McQueen Ad Campaign Goes to the Dogs

“The model is cool,” posted an amused Bezimienna upon seeing the first shot from the Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign for McQ by Alexander McQueen. The ad in question features a dog with a plaid shirt tied around its neck and jean shorts draped across its back. It is unconventional marketing in a fashion ad to say the least.

“I guess Arizona Muse was not available?” joked CharlottefromCA, referring to the up-and-coming model who is currently taking the fashion world by storm. 

Ultramarine tried to make sense of the concept. “Apparently they are going for the 90s Benetton, [Marc Jacobs] in the 00s approach,” he wrote.

Whatever the approach may be, it’s working for 99 Apples. “I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this is awesome,” she said. Maybe carmen_kass is with her on this one? “This must be Charlie Sheen's dog because he is WINNING!” she declared. That’s probably as close to a positive affirmation as we’re going to get on this one.  


Emma Watson Adds Lancôme to Her Resumé

Last week, Lancôme confirmed that Harry Potter star Emma Watson, would be their latest brand ambassador and the face of their new fragrance, Trésor Midnight Rose. Mario Testino is photographing Watson for the campaign.

Emma Lancome shooting Lancome campaign

In the Fashion Spot forums, members identified Lancôme as an older woman’s brand, so perhaps tapping Watson to be a brand ambassador is a smart move on their part in an effort to appeal to a younger crowd. “My mother has the normal Trésor, and she's in her sixties” wrote FleurDeLys. “I don't really hate the perfume, but it's definitely not my cup of tea. It's a nice perfume for older people though,” she added. Glitterpeacock had a similar view: “I tend to see Lancôme as a brand for older people in general. I guess that's why they picked a 20-year-old to head the new campaign,” she said. 

Though Sobriquet87 seemed willing to give the new scent a chance, she still seemed cautious, saying, “I just hope this new perfume doesn't smell like something my mom wears.” YoninahAliza may be a better example of why this campaign could already be working for Lancôme. “Can I just say I'm uber excited to see the final results of the ad!” she gushed. “It seems whatever Emma does turns to gold… I hope the scent smells good too. Normally Lancôme perfumes don't appeal to me but I'm willing to give this one a go.”


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