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Forum Buzz: The Intro to Lauren Conrad’s Canned Reality Show; Chanel Iman is Being Delicious

Sneak a Peek at Lauren Conrad’s No-Go of a Reality Show Intro

MTV may have relegated Lauren Conrad’s reality show about the making of her new clothing line, Paper Crown, to the trash heap, but the intro to the show has been resurrected from the cutting room floor for our viewing pleasure. The intro, filmed in a stop-motion style by Angela & Ithyle, creatively traces Conrad’s beginnings as a reality show star to her current vocation as a fashion designer; naturally with her wearing clothing from Paper Crown throughout.

Lauren Conrad reality show intro

The release of the intro left forum members wondering if there was any chance that the show could potentially be picked up by another network. “[Lauren Conrad] has a built in audience already which works heavily in her favor,” babyjane pointed out. 

Lauren Conrad reality show intro

Conrad may have begun her rise to fame on an MTV reality show, but she has since matured and moved beyond the lowbrow content that has become MTV’s current signature. “Lauren probably should have pitched her show to a more mature network like Bravo. She's definitely too classy for the type of programs MTV wants now,” said loladonna. She also reminded everyone that “Lauren said MTV stopped the filming before they finished the line, shot the look book, and went to the trade show, so the story was incomplete. I assume she would have to start filming from scratch if she took [the show] to another network.”

So, maybe a “Making of Paper Crown” type of reality show just isn’t in the cards, but if the past is any indication, Conrad’s got another trick up her sleeve and is plotting her next move.


Chanel Iman for DKNYChanel Iman is Delicious

DKNY tapped model Chanel Iman to be the face of their Be Delicious fragrance this season and the print ad has been receiving rave reviews from the Fashion Spot forum. Chanel is following in the footsteps of Louise Pederson and more recently, Lara Stone, who were also the faces of Be Delicious. 

“The ads with Lara were pretty hard to top but I love Chanel in this. She looks sultry and simply beautiful; I can't wait to see this ad everywhere,” said Fiercification.

“STUNNING!” declared _incognito. “Pretty big deal for a model of color to be the sole face of such a major perfume campaign! Very happy for Chanel.” Nightclubbing was also a fan, saying, “I can't wait to see this on top of cabs in NYC, on billboards and in all of my magazines. So happy for her, and this is a beautiful advert for a product I have already loved for some time.”

The ad even seems to have made a convert out of littlekiki. “I'm not a huge fan of Chanel,” he admitted, “but that is drop dead gorgeous.” Maybe he’d even go so far as to call it delicious?


Elizabeth TaylorMourning the Passing of a Silver Screen Legend

The Fashion Spot forums were saddened when they heard the news yesterday that silver screen legend and Oscar-winning actress, Elizabeth Taylor, died of congestive heart failure at the age of 79. 

“No! It's the death of a true icon,” posted saann. “She was sick so may she rest in peace… I'm not sure if I believe in heaven but a part of me hopes she's reunited with [Richard] Burton – the love of her life,” she continued.

xPedro called Taylor “one of the most beautiful women that ever stepped foot on this planet” and Label Basher remembered the many facets of her character by saying, “I've always admired her because she has always been very loyal to her friends and supported and worked for AIDS charities… Her fashions were great too, especially in the 80s. She rocked the big hair and shoulders. I loved her cameo on The Nanny where it showed she could make fun of herself.”

MulletProof relayed the sentiments of many of the Fashion Spot posters, saying, “I hope [Elizabeth Taylor] finds the peace she deserves after everything she gave not just to the entertainment industry but also to society through her charity work. [It would] break my heart seeing her in a wheelchair and knowing the amount of time she had been staying at hospitals… I really hope she's in a better place now.”

May she rest in peace. Elizabeth Taylor is one whose legacy, both onscreen and off, will not be soon forgotten.


Anna Wintour on the cover of the Wall Street Journal MagazineAnna Wintour Profiled by WSJ Magazine

“The Business of Being Anna” is apparently important enough to land the infamous Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, on the cover of the Wall Street Journal Magazine. Wintour is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in the fashion world, but it is not often that she herself is featured on the cover of a magazine. Shot in profile by photographer Mario Testino (and profiled within the magazine in a feature article by Joshua Levine), wearing a Prada dress and Chanel sunglasses, Wintour’s razor-sharp signature bob is shown off to perfection.

In reference to the cover, vogue28 wrote, “I'm almost reminded of the Queen’s head–what you see on British coins.” Lebigt thinks that “it's exactly how Anna should be portrayed on a cover.” Perhaps endorsing the vision of Wintour as the unofficial Queen of fashion? One who dictates the trends, determines what’s in and out, and relays the knowledge to us, her loyal subjects?

Click here to see more images and read the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s profile on the powerful Anna Wintour.

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