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Forum Buzz: Britney Spears Takes the Stage; the Forum Enjoys a Mariah Carey Flashback

Britney Spears performs in Las Vegas March 2011Britney and Her Bodysuit Hit Las Vegas

Britney Spears appeared in Las Vegas this weekend for her first live performance in over a year. As she’s wont to do, the pop icon hit the stage wearing a skin-tight bodysuit that barely contained her as she writhed and gyrated her way through several songs to promote her new album, Femme Fatale, which will be released this Tuesday. 

Label Basher commented that Britney “looks awesome in her leotards,” but others were not so kind while critiquing her performance.

Valentine27, a self-professed fan of Britney’s from the beginning of her career to now, was disappointed. “I cannot help but [wonder] whether she still has passion or not to do what she is supposed to do,” she wrote. “I've watched the performance, and it screams commercial, business, money, money, money. I mean, where is Britney?… [The] connection between her and the crowd is really lacking… She's not dancing like she did before. And it feels like she doesn't want to… You just don't lose this when you're a dancer, whatever your age is. It's all about training and passion.” Disenchanted agreed: “[Britney] used to be a great dancer and now it's really painful to even watch her walk on the stage."

*ana* also noticed the lack of passion in Britney’s performance. Upon watching a clip of it, she posted: “I'm always hoping she'll deliver. It's not that I think she'll actually sing, but that at least she'll dance. But she doesn't. I can barely call that a dance. It's really sad, because the album is good… she never seems to be really enjoying herself in her recent shows and videoclips.” 

So, despite a splashy editorial in V Magazine that declared, “The Bitch is Back and Better Than Ever,” it seems that she really isn’t.


Carine RoitfeldCarine Joins the Barneys Team – For Now

Her son Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and his girlfriend Giovanna Battaglia have recently decamped to New York City, and so it appears has Carine Roitfeld. The fashion world has been watching and waiting to see what Roitfeld’s next move would be after her sudden departure from French Vogue last December, and for now, the guessing game is over. Women’s Wear Daily revealed that Roitfeld would be partnering with retailer Barneys New York as a guest editor and stylist, as well as muse and inspiration for the fall season. She will be collaborating with photographer Mario Sorrenti and Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman.

In her interview with WWD, Roitfeld described the opportunity as a “dream come true” and emphasized that she is relishing her newfound freedom, but members of the Fashion Spot forums couldn’t help but wonder if the new job is insignificant in light of Roitfeld’s expertise. “That's a downgrade compared to what I expected,” wrote MON, and lemeray feels “like she is in a bit of denial with all these ‘new and exciting’ projects.”

Others were more optimistic about the job. “I would expect that this gig is paying very, very well,” guessed BetteT. “Maybe styling is not as glamorous as being [Editor-in-Chief]… but if she plays her cards right, she might make a lot more money as a ‘stylist who is also a celebrity, in her own right.’ She could potentially earn a celebrity-sized paycheck, much like Rachel Zoe, who reportedly makes a rate between $6,000 and $10,000 a day.”

Mikeijames thinks “this is clearly a hold over for something more fantastic. She just wants to keep her foot in the game and this is a good stop in between.” 

Either way, this appears to be something that Roitfeld has only been tapped to do for one season, so I’m sure all eyes will be on her once again when the collaboration comes to an end.


TFSers Descend Upon the V&A for Yohji’s Retrospective

With Yohji Yamamoto’s retrospective now underway at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, there comes a proliferation of new interviews with the famed Japanese avant-garde designer as well as analyses of the fabrics and techniques that he has used, and the Fashion Spot forums couldn’t be happier about it.

Yohji Yamamoto V&A RetrospectiveYohji Yamamoto

“I'm already looking into flights so I can go and see this,” wrote softgrey who is a vocal fan of Yohji’s work. 

“Is there anybody more thoughtful, honest, integral, sensitive and organic as he is?” asked Scott. “I really wish I could get to London to see this,” he added. 

For Drusilla_ the retrospective at the V&A is a must-see as well. “Come hell or high water, I am going to make it to this one,” she said. 

The V&A is sure to be getting lots of additional foot traffic from the fashion lovers at tFS in the coming months. The Yohji retrospective seems to be drawing us in from near and far. 


Mariah Carey Flashback

When ellastica posted an editorial entitled “The Lady is a Vamp,” from Vogue’s December 1994 issue, she incited some flashback love for Mariah Carey. Photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by Camilla Nickerson, the editorial features Mariah in the days before she adopted an overtly sexy style as her signature look. 

Mariah Carey Vogue Dec 1994 by Steven MeiselMariah Carey Vogue Dec 1994 by Steven Meisel

“Steven, Camilla and Mariah on fire!” wrote ellastica. “Each shot is breath-taking and the styling impeccable.” Kanna reminisced, “Mariah was [such] a lovely girl at that time. I was reminded of her Daydream [photos], also taken by Meisel.”

Cottonmouth13 also loved the spread and “was suddenly reminded too of her Daydream pictures. Those were the days…” he sighed. 


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.