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Forum Buzz: Nicole Richie Breaks Out Her Balenciagas; Darya Kurovska is One Grumpy Model

Nicole Richie carries a bright acid green Balenciaga city bagNicole Richie Brings Back Her Balenciagas

A few years ago it seemed that there was never a candid image of Nicole Richie without a brightly colored Balenciaga bag draped over her arm. Recently, she’s been seen out and about giving some of her trusty Balenciaga bags a revival. A few days ago she added a pop of bright acid green to her all black ensemble via a Balenciaga city bag at a Vans event and then out to dinner with her husband, Joel Madden

“After all these years, I'm still amazed by her Balenciagas. And this lime one is just perfect!” wrote Wolkfolk. Shamza stated that she “was waiting for the Balenciagas to come back,” and ng19 is “obsessed with this Balenciaga bag. The color is incredible!” she exclaimed.

A couple days later, Richie was photographed leaving the gym with another city bag, this time in bright pink. Lizbabe09 expressed that she had “bag envy again!” While leyla m. declared that “nothing beats Nicole and her popping [Balenciaga] bags.

Knowing that Nicole Richie possesses a vast Balenciaga collection, there’s a high possibility that she’ll induce some more serious bag envy as she continues to pick out old favorites from her closet.


Monika Jagaciak Not the Ideal Saharienne Woman

Model Monika Jagaciak appears to be the face of Yves Saint Laurent’s new perfume, Saharienne, which is named for the iconic Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne safari jacket. Set to launch in June, the fragrance intends to celebrate wild and provocative femininity. To that end, the general consensus in the Fashion Spot community is that Jagaciak doesn’t really fit the bill for the ad campaign.

Monika Jagaciak YSL Saharienne fragrance

“Wish they had picked someone who suits the YSL image… An adult would be a good start,” Squizree lamented. “To me Jac isn't the typical ‘YSL woman’” wrote StrawberrySpring. “She's a child… they should have chose[n] someone more… I don't know, bold, striking, mysterious? I always loved YSL for [its] femme-fatale vibe.”

Street_a_Licious, asked what may have been the most poignant question. “If it's inspired by the safari jacket… why isn't the model wearing one?” Tigerrouge called the accompanying photograph “a third-rate out-take from the making of a bikini calendar.”

My guess is that this is probably not the impression YSL was trying to make.


Daria Kurovska Premier Model ManagementDarya Kurovska’s Not-So-Model Behavior

In a recent episode of The Model Agency, a documentary series being broadcast in the UK about London’s Premier Model Management, the show offered a behind-the-scenes look at the hectic work environment brought on by the stresses of booking models for London fashion week's runway shows and presentations. Young Russian model Darya Kurovska was among the featured “show girls” in the episode, and though her attitude made for good television, it certainly didn’t reflect well on her. Kurovska came off as ornery and difficult to work with as she refused to make an effort to find her own way to go-sees in London. 

“She [doesn’t seem] to be the most intelligent and civilized girl around,” cologne_rocks observed. Northern Star thinks “she has always had a surly look about her, but hell she really is a grumpy sod… I don't think this will help her career at all.” 

Others, were more sympathetic. XxXRedRubYXxX said, “While I do agree that her behavior was not called for… she's still a kid and growing up in this business [and it] can't be easy given the traveling, hours and little sleep… over the course of those weeks without your parents, while still trying to find yourself and who you are not only as a model but as a person… it's difficult.” 

MulletProof shared a similarly sympathetic sentiment. “I really felt more sad than annoyed by her behavior,” she wrote. “I feel like she might be the kind of kid that needs a lot of love and understanding and she's in a business that might be everything but suitable for her personality and needs. You look at the way she interacts with the people in the agency and… I just want to give her a hug. I don't excuse her behavior but I do think it is a [very angry] call for attention… she's still a young and very lonely girl at a very vulnerable age… I hope she has some real friends back in [New York] ‘cause she seems too attached to her drinks and cigarettes and certainly looks very angry at her situation… and I also hope she has someone to tell her that modeling isn't really the only option in life.”


Eric Zentner Versace ad campaign 2001

Model Eric Zentner Killed in a Hit-and-Run

Model Eric Zentner, best known for appearing in Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” music video and for his work in ad campaigns for Versace, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, was killed last week in a hit-and-run accident in Buellton, California. Zentner had gotten out of his car after running out of gas and pulling over to the side of the highway when he was struck by someone in a 90s light blue Dodge Caravan who has still not come forward or been identified. 

Members in the Fashion Spot forums were saddened by the news of Zentner’s tragic death. “I cannot believe that somebody would do such a horrific thing. May he rest in peace, my prayers are with his friends and family,” wrote SevenWeeksLater. Sobriquet87 agreed, saying “This is terrible! My heart goes out to his family.”

The Fashion Spot offers its sincerest condolences to Zentner's family and loved ones.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums: Nicole Richie image from celebrity-paradise, Darya Kurovska image from