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Forum Buzz: Julia Restoin Roitfeld Makes a XXXX Film; Balmain and Christophe Decarnin Part Ways

Julia Restoin Roitfeld in Tatler RussiaJulia Restoin Roitfeld Goes XXXX

What was Julia Restoin Roitfeld, daughter of ex-Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, thinking when she decided to star in The Crush, a short film edited and directed by Indira Cesarine for XXXX Magazine? Maybe the title of the publication should have tipped her off that the film was a bad idea, but apparently she couldn’t resist some onscreen camera-whoredom with her boyfriend, Robert Konjic. The premise of the film is that it is “a subversive tale of suspense and passion as the glamorous Julia realizes she’s being stalked by her driver [Robert Konjic], but realizes she is also in love with him.” Everything about this film is bad; from the story, to the music to the clothes and to Julia herself. It is almost painful to watch, the whole thing is so awkward.

“That´s the most embarrassing… film or whatever it is I have ever seen!” posted Almásy. “They both [are becoming] more and more exhibitionist,” said madelaine13 of the couple. “The film was really embarrassing… Julia is a really bad actress.”

“That video is horrible. Combine it with… the Tatler shoot (a shot of which is shown here) and it does put me off her,” wrote littlepaperstars. “It's all just too attention seeking for my liking,” she added.

To see the horror for yourself, click here.


Balmain and Christophe Decarnin Part Ways

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise after the (supposedly overblown) rumors related to Christophe Decarnin’s mental health when he was nowhere to be found last fashion week, but Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that the designer is officially out at Balmain. His successor will likely be announced very soon, and it seems that an internal candidate is the front-runner to replace Decarnin.

Decarnin joined Balmain in 2005 and is credited with infusing the label with its very successful brand of tight, short, sexy, strong-shouldered and extremely expensive clothing. “Although his collections were… repetitive, I always loved what [Decarnin] offered at Balmain. His rock 'n' roll aesthetic was what I just absolutely loved!” wrote LagerfeldBoy. “Hope the internal candidate that takes the position sticks to what Decarnin offered,” he added.

AgrenateD sees the replacement of Decarnin as a move in the right direction, despite his previous successes with the brand. “I'm glad he's out,” she wrote. “He did incite a massive trend in fashion (and he will always be remembered for it among other things) but it inevitably ate out any further direction for his succeeding collections, everything just became too one note afterwards, it was almost a bad joke. The house needs someone who can push things forward without having to repeat the same exact thing in essence… Everything's very much ripe for development.”

Another one bites the dust, but we'll likely hear about Decarnin's replacement at Balmain long before we hear about Galliano's at Dior.


Vogue Enfants Spring 2011 styled by Geraldine SaglioGéraldine Saglio Styles Vogue Enfants

Géraldine Saglio, an Assistant Stylist at Vogue Paris, was charged with the task of styling several editorials in the Spring 2011 issue of Vogue Enfants. Among the editorials were Karma Niaques which featured a young girl doing children’s yoga poses, Carte Blanche which featured a tween-age girl sporting different shades of white, and an assortment of blue jean clad boys and girls in En Piste/ En Rythme/ A Vive Allure.

Saglio very successfully avoided the trap of sexualizing her young models, putting them all in age-appropriate looks that were also fashion forward. The Carte Blanche editorial in particular caught the attention of the Fashion Spot forum posters. Les_Sucettes wrote, “I absolutely love the 'Carte Blanche' ed, I think I even like it even more than the [editorials] in the ‘real’ mag,” meaning the editorials in Vogue Paris

*ana* agreed, saying “The styling is typical Géraldine, which is always a little [Emmanuelle] Alt-influenced, but it worked perfectly. Age-appropriated simplicity at its best. The girl looks lovely.” 


Vogue Italia April 2011 - Kristina Salinovic photographed by Steven MeiselMixed Reviews for Meisel’s Latest Vogue Italia Cover

Up-and-coming model Kristina Salinovic graces the cover of this month’s issue of Vogue Italia, shot by Steven Meisel, but reactions are decidedly mixed and veering toward the negative in the Fashion Spot forum. Everything from the styling to the cover’s black and orange color scheme came under scrutiny.

“I like the posing and the colors… but there's something slightly off for me,” said AriLove. Wolkfolk, like many others, thought, “It could've been a smashing cover, without that awful giant orange text.”

Luxx agreed that the text was “off” but had only positive things to say about everything else: “This is a lovely image, the colors are fresh and eye-catching, Kristina is the exact right choice (cannot believe people are surprised that Meisel is loving this girl given her edgy look and parallels to another Meisel favorite, Jamie Bochert) and the styling actually makes me excited to see the editorial.”

Fluxxx had a definitive and completely negative reaction. “I hate it… I hate [all of the] oranges on it, hate the big font, and I hate the black background… worst [Vogue Italia] cover so far.”

Hate it or love it, this is the cover and it has created some buzz, so Vogue Italia must be doing something right.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums