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Forum Buzz: Steven Meisel’s Ugly Duckling Models; Megan Fox’s Photoshop Disaster

Steven Meisel’s Ugly Duckling Models


Steven Meisel Vogue ItaliaSteven Meisel
’s latest editorial for Vogue Italia’s April 2011 issue “Personal Style” features models Kristina Salinovic, Lindsey Wixson, and Daphne Groeneveld, and the casting has been cause for a bit of debate in the Fashion Spot forums. “Meisel delivers great work again… I just wish he would pick some beautiful models and not those ugly ducks… only Daphne is cute, the others are so scary looking,” wrote radolgc.


disagreed, saying, “I think that the models were picked because they are edgy looking… it works very well with this whole concept. I can't imagine classically pretty models in this… it would take away something, I think and it would not have the impact. It's not about the models… it's about the overall look of the editorial… and I think it's brilliant.”


may have sided with radolgc about the casting, but thiago:) was on board with BetteT. “The cast was perfect for that editorial,” he wrote.



Aussies Featuring Aussies


Model Julia Nobis landed her first Vogue cover this month when Kai Z Feng photographed her for Vogue Australia’s May 2011 issue. The actual cover, with its awkward text and Julia’s wild multi-colored hair may leave something to be desired, but the choice of cover girl received near-unanimous approval.


Vogue Australia May 2011“Great for Julia she got a cover but it didn't turn out well,” FakeFlower posted.


explained her take on the decision to feature Julia Nobis. “Julia has been featured in [Vogue Australia] in a number of issues over the past year or so, plus she's an Aussie model making it big overseas. That means she was pretty certain to get a cover sooner or later. That's the one thing I can't fault about [Editor-in-Chief Kirstie] Clements: tons of model covers and support of homegrown talent.” She also described why the cover itself doesn’t seem to work. She wrote, “The cover just seems to be trying too hard to be young and cool. Which is weird, because [Vogue Australia’s] contents are more on the conservative side. I think [Vogue Australia] has a major problem in this respect: they have no idea who their reader is. Are they young or older, cool and alternative or more mainstream?”


agreed that “in the end the cover looks more amateur than edgy cool or young.”


So, thumbs up for Australian Vogue supporting Australian models, and thumbs down for poor execution of the cover.



Stella McCartney for C&A


Stella McCartney C&A TrenchFast-fashion company C&A invited Stella McCartney to design a 27-piece collection that will be exclusive to its Brazilian stores. The collection consists of many clean cut basics made of ecological fabrics sourced from legal suppliers, but forum members are wondering if the items are worth the inflated price point that McCartney’s name dictates.


“If you were to take off the Stella McCartney name from these clothes, would you still really want them?” asked Wei007. “While I think Stella is a brilliant designer, I would have to say no to this line,” she wrote.


is a fan of the designs but not the cost. “Although I liked the collection, I think it’s quite expensive,” she lamented.


When Fatalefashion posted the price for the jumpsuit in this collaboration, lucy92 was shocked. “Holy crap, that is really expensive. That’s more than twice the cost of her jumpsuit for H&M,” she pointed out.


Are Brazilians big enough fans of McCartney’s work to justify the steep prices and make this collaboration a success? Or will they just buy it all up and resell the clothes on ebay to Stella McCartney fans around the world?



Megan Fox’s Photoshop Disaster


Megan Fox Armani Photoshop DisasterMegan Fox is the face (and body) of several current Armani campaigns, but forum members have zeroed in on her latest mascara ad and labeled it a photoshop disaster. “If they hadn't written [her] name I would not [have] recognized her,” wrote Eterna.


still finds Megan “insanely hot” but MyNameIs ventured to say, “I think Megan's face has been ruined less by photoshop and more by plastic surgery.”


It seems like a bad idea to choose a celebrity to front your makeup ad campaign and then photoshop their face to such a degree that no one can recognize them unless they actually stop to read the text. Maybe Armani’s marketing team knows something we don’t?


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums