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Forum Buzz: January Jones is Mad Sexy; Christian Louboutin is Suing Mad

Chloe Sevigny fashion disaster at Kiehl's eventChloe Sevigny, You Shouldn’t Have

You shouldn’t have left the house wearing that outfit, that is. Chloe Sevigny has lots of fans within the Fashion Spot forums who consistently can get onboard with her style and forgive or even praise her off-kilter choices. However, one of the latest looks posted in her thread of Chloe attending a Kiehl’s product launch seemed to be a little too all over the place, even for her fans. They did manage to find some humor in her black fringe and denim fashion disaster, though.

“For whatever reason I can't stop laughing at that outfit,” dajrekshn posted. “What I like about Chloe is how almost every piece of clothing ever made is worn carelessly by her, even this monster… Still laughing.”

“How can you not laugh?” asked LolaSvelt. It looks like she's carrying Samara from The Ring around her neck. I mean, what? Just, there are no words.”

Angelfish thinks “it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the denim jacket,” but if I had my way she’d never pair any of those pieces together ever again.


January Jones W Cover - May 2011 issue

January Jones is Mad Sexy

January Jones, photographed by Craig McDean, graces the cover of W’s May 2011 issue in all of her former-model glory. Forum members have been loving the changes and improvements at since Stefano Tonchi took over as Editor-in-Chief and this cover is no exception. Here, Jones abandons her Betty Draper persona and the edgy cover is all the better for it.

Iluvjeisa is “loving the hair” and jal718 called it “the best W cover in a long time.”

“I will always love January in photo shoots,” wrote Manuva. “She shoots amazingly well and it's nice to see her looking more modern, as she is usually styled like an extension of Betty Draper.”

This cover has already earned the magazine at least one new subscriber. “WOW,” [J.]Oliver wrote. “I've purchased every new issue of W off the newsstand but this has been the first issue to make me want to subscribe which is exactly what I've just done. Bravo. Not even a fan of January and she looks INCREDIBLE.”

If we can’t have models on magazine covers anymore, then we’re at least happy to have actresses who used to be models on the cover of W.


Christian Louboutin Sues Over Some Soles

Christian Louboutin is suing-mad over some red suede shoes with matching red soles from Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring 2011 collection. The collection in question also features purple shoes with purple soles, navy with navy soles and green with green soles, but it’s the use of the red sole, Louboutin’s signature, that has caused the controversy and spurred Louboutin into legal action.  

In the court papers, Louboutin's legal team argues: "The defendant's use of red footwear outsoles that are virtually identical to plaintiff's Red Sole Mark is likely to cause and is causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public as to the origin of the infringing footwear."

Psylocke thinks the whole thing is laughable. “Owning copyright over red soles is almost as ridiculous as Paris Hilton owning the phrase ‘That's Hot,’” she wrote. “Personally I'd be insulted if anyone mistook my YSLs (not that I own any) for Loubs. I don't get why Louboutin is suing brands and designers here and there over this. If the red sole is really the only thing that distinguishes Loubs from other shoes then that's sad… If YSL had copied the whole design of a classic Louboutin shoe it would be different but to sue just because of the color of the sole… that's kind of lame.”

“Oh please, Christian Louboutin, get over yourself,” ALAUU posted. “The soles obviously are meant to match whatever color the shoe is. It isn't as though YSL is making all their shoes with red soles.”

Though many forum members think the lawsuit is frivolous and petty, Spike413 finds it easy to sympathize with Louboutin. “Not for anything but how is Louboutin suing over the use of a red shoe sole, which he has trademarked, any different than if YSL turned around and sued another brand for using their logo?” he asked. “Why is it laughable that Louboutin would sue over something that is his signature, that make his shoes instantly recognizable the same way interlocking Gs or the double C make Gucci and Chanel products instantly recognizable. That red sole is his logo.”

Which side of the debate do you come down on? I’m still undecided.


Marina Larroude of's street styleMarina Larroudé – A New “One to Watch” in the Fashion Flock?

Senior Market Editor Marina Larroudé covers high-end designers, accessories, and the home and children's markets for, but it’s her street style that has drawn notice in the Fashion Spot forums this week. 

“She has such cool style!” wrote Thefrenchy. “Hope to see more of her!”

Missnyc called her a “lovely girl,” saying, “her style is simple but I like her!”

Guellin summed up Larroudé’s style as “very relaxed but chic at the same time.”

If the proliferation of street style photography and blogging continues, as I’m sure it will, we’ll surely be seeing more of Larroudé and her street chic next fashion week.


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.