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Forum Buzz: Vogue Paris is Hands-on with Kate Moss; Aquilano and Rimondi Are Out at Gianfranco Ferre

Kate Moss on the May 2011 cover of Vogue ParisVogue Paris Gets Handsy

Kate Moss, wearing jeweled Armani Privé against a seductive background in the same shade of red as her lips, graces the cover of the May 2011 issue of Vogue Paris. There doesn’t seem to be much of an issue among forum members concerning the choice of model, but the male arms that are grabbing at her clothes have been rather divisive. 

“It could have been more powerful without the hands, but it's a really good cover in my opinion,” wrote AutomneRoi20, while ammon countered: “I Love it. The hands make this cover.”

For tigerrouge, all of the elements combined were just too much to work successfully. “I wish it were Kate posing on her own, because the clothing and background color are striking enough… to be erotic, those arms would need to show some real intent in their gestures, instead of a wooden display.”

So, either get a little grabbier next time or just keep your hands to yourself, Vogue Paris.


Natasha Poly marries Peter BakkerNatasha Poly Ties the Knot

Model Natasha Poly played the blushing bride last weekend when she married Dutch businessman Peter Bakker in a three-day celebration in St. Tropez. High profile guests such as Carine Roitfeld, Peter Dundas of Pucci, and a bevy of Poly’s fellow-model friends were in attendance, and Leona Lewis was on hand to perform at the reception.

Poly walked down the aisle wearing Givenchy with delicate flowers woven into her softly flowing hair. Yet, even though this is a fashion forum and the bride looked beautiful in her dress, a lot of attention shifted to the groom, who had previously been somewhat of a mystery. 

“Poly looks gorge,” wrote retailqueen. “Hubby not so much, but he has that ugly handsome thing going on a la Daniel Craig.” Retailqueen wasn’t the only one with a critical comment about Poly’s groom, and in response Teja called them out: “Some comments written here are rude. I guess some people never heard of the ‘don't judge a book by its cover’ proverb.”

Natasha Poly weds Peter Bakker

Mackos agreed with Teja, saying, “Sorry, but it's her husband. I don't get all the discussion; at the end of the day beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”

It’s tough to compete when you’re standing next to a beautiful model though, isn’t it? Congratulations to the newly married couple. 


Hannah MacGibbon is Hanging On By a String

Hannah MacGibbon’s job as Creative Director at Chloé is safe for now, but only just barely. Her contract was up this past season and her showing at fashion week in Paris was under high scrutiny due to her questionable status at the venerable fashion house. The collection received mixed reviews but it was only confirmed days ago that MacGibbon’s contract has been extended for another season. 

Hannah MacGibbon of Chloé“I don't know how designer contracts work but a season only?” asked before. “That's not too great of a safety net.” It seems MacGibbon is getting one last chance to replicate the success that Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo had at Chloé. 

Some posters in the forums are ready to kick MacGibbon to the curb while others appreciate the work that she’s been doing. “All right, one-season extension is still a hope she'll be out, then,” mackos quipped, and LolaSvelt asserted that it’s “time for her to go home.”

Mutterlein however, is one of the few who are in MacGibbon’s corner. “I'm actually a big fan of MacGibbon's Chloé and I hope she stays for a good while longer than one season,” she wrote. “I was in fact sorely disappointed by Spring 2011 on the runway but as I see it delivered in stores it is SUBLIME. The harshness was all in the styling, not the clothes. Had they styled the show like they did the campaign it would have been digested much more easily. Fall was a bit obvious but was in fact full of fresh ideas and fantastic clothes. So many naysayers on here but I can assure you we'll look back at MacGibbon's collections years from now and perhaps only in hindsight will they fully be appreciated. MacGibbon makes clothes you can LIVE in and is creating new ideas with that approach when most designers are only making them for show.”

Looking forward to Spring 2012 to see what MacGibbon will do with her next “last chance” at Chloé.


Aquilano and Rimondi at Gianfranco FerréAquilano and Rimondi are Out at Gianfranco Ferré

While MacGibbon may be safe for one more season, the same can’t be said for Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi at Gianfranco Ferré. Paris Group, the new owners of Gianfranco Ferré apparently pushed out the designing duo due to poor sales. Many forum members at the Fashion Spot were surprised by the news. 

“Of course it makes sense considering the reason, but I never saw this one coming,” said TianSoFine

“Seriously? Wtf?” rayoflight lamented.  “Ferré shows were among my faves from Milan Fashion Week since they took over,” he wrote.

Mikeijames pointed out “while the last two collections remain blockbuster from a runway perspective, [Aquilano and Rimondi] have continuously put out stronger work for their eponymous line than they did for the house of Ferré. In fact, I do believe their namesake label remains more buzzworthy than Ferré under their tutelage,” he asserted.

The failure to create sales and buzz for Ferré means that Aquilano and Rimondi are out of a job, but at least they have their eponymous line to fall back on. Some other recently ousted designers, such as John Galliano, are not so lucky. And so the game of designer musical chairs continues…


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums,,, Vincenzo Grillo at IMAXtree.