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Forum Buzz: Ashley Olsen Does Her Miami Vice Impression; Kate Moss Gets Naked for Vogue Brazil

Ashley Olsen red pantsuit street style - April 27 New YorkAshley Olsen Rocks the Miami Vice Look

Ashley Olsen was spotted leaving a hotel in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood yesterday, sporting what daniellat described as a Miami Vice look. The petite blonde’s red pantsuit had a decidedly 80s feel to it, and that combined with the rolled up sleeves and striped shirt gave it the Miami Vice vibe that daniellat mentioned. I’m guessing that wasn’t the reference that Ashley was going for, but it’s an apt observation nonetheless.

Whether you’re a fan of campy 80s television or not, this look was actually kind of a hit among the Fashion Spot forum members. “Awesome look! That's totally pure class Ashley. Always so chic! She kills it,” gushed Valentine27

Wolkfolk also heaped on the praise. “Her suit is absolutely glorious and I love that she paired it with this gorgeous Petit Bateau style top. Moreover with the sandals she really looks fresh and chic,” he wrote.

Not everyone was a fan though. HeatherAnne posted: “I love the idea of that neon suit, but the cut really doesn't flatter her short stature. I imagine the suit is even more awkward in person, the fact that she is in motion in these [photos] is probably working in her favor.”

Flattering or not, the cut of that suit makes it look like it might be almost as comfortable as a pair of pajamas. That has to be a plus here, right?


Kate Moss on Vogue Brazil's May 2011, 36th Anniversary CoverKate Moss Gets Naked

I know it probably doesn’t sound like news since it seems like Kate Moss is always naked, but this time she’s naked on the cover of Vogue Brazil’s 36th Anniversary issue. Photographed by Mario Testino wearing nothing but a pair of gold cuffs, Kate Moss does what she does best and confidently gazes back at us as if she’s fully clothed.

MulletProof commended Mario Testino and the team at Vogue Brazil on a cover well done. “It's only a handful of people [who] bother (or should I say dare) to fully play with all the versatility and… grandeur a model like Kate Moss has to offer. It seems like the newer those teams are or the more hype a magazine generates, the more afraid they become to handle her and her resume and that's what's been making her stories quite uninteresting for me for the past five years. This, however, is one of the rare occasions when they bring Kate to full splendor. It's pretty much what you'd want in an anniversary cover and a Kate Moss cover and a Mario Testino cover… perfectly composed, a little naughty, representative of everyone involved and the publication it's in… the result turned out quite beautiful… Bravo Vogue Brazil! This is how you do a Kate Moss cover.”

*ana* agreed, saying “It screams Kate, Testino and Brazil. And it doesn't look pretentious, the nudity isn't a cry for attention, isn't supposed to be edgy, it's just natural – and, as [MulletProof] said, a little naughty!”

Not everyone was so thrilled though. “I'm afraid I'm not too fond of this cover. Not that nudity shocks me but Kate's tattoos are pretty horrible to look at,” wrote clo.

“Everything's class above the ass, and then the tattoos bring it down,” tiggerrouge quipped. “To me, those tattoos make her arse look like an emoticon :-” she continued. “Then again, maybe that's a sign I'm spending too much time on the internet.”

I think we may all be guilty of that, whether we like the cover or not.


Mario Sorrenti Is Going to Get His Pirelli On

Though there were initially some rumors that Steven Meisel would be photographing the iconic Pirelli calendar for 2012, the calendar’s casting director, Jennifer Starr, confirmed yesterday that Mario Sorrenti is in fact slated to do the job.

“Great news,” wrote congacon. “I’m not impressed with Meisel's works lately but Mario Sorrenti is a different story. Hope next year they will choose Mert and Marcus, the most in demand duo these days.”

Freud is not so happy with the choice. “Hated [Sorrenti's] Vogue Paris calendar,” he complained. “This means Eniko [Mihalik], Isabeli [Fontana], Natasha [Poly], Raquel [Zimmerman]… I'm bored already but of course I will wait for my final judgment. Meisel would have been just too good I guess.”

The forum members may be torn, but I’m curious to see the end result no matter who shoots the calendar.


Pamela Love for Topshop necklacePamela Love for Topshop Sticker Shock

Last week, preview images of Pamela Love’s jewelry collection for Topshop were revealed, and reactions in the Fashion Spot forums were… not so favorable. The first words out of softgrey’s mouth were “so not cute” after she saw a selection of the collection. 

Things went even further downhill when lucy92 chimed in with the news that “it’s SUPER expensive. The dream catcher necklace is $160.”

Dauphine was in shock, saying “I could actually get a [Pamela Love] Pre-fall piece with that money.” If that’s the case, then wouldn’t you rather get the real thing?

Sorry, Topshop. It doesn’t look like the forum members will be lining up for this one.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums; justjared,, Refinery29