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Forum Buzz: Royal Wedding Fever; DNA and Ford Duke it Out in Court

Royal Wedding Mania in the Fashion Spot forums

“I love royal weddings, I've watched every single one since I was a little kid but this one is everything. I'm dying over this!” Psylocke typed excitedly as she woke up in the early hours of the morning to catch every bit of royal wedding coverage. Even those who have maintained a peripheral view to the build up of the monumental union of Prince William and Kate Middleton couldn’t help but be swept up in the ceremony and excitement of the big day. “I'm so much more invested in all of this than I thought I would be!” exclaimed littlepaperstars.

Kate Middleton and Maid of Honor Philippa (Pippa) at the Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding

Photo: Zak Hussein/

Forum members were thrilled by Middleton's wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. “Love the veil with the tiara and the fact she is wearing long lacy sleeves… makes her look very delicate and elegant,” wrote jomarlushka. Lvstratus posted, “She looks stunning! The dress is very beautiful, classic… [so] regal.”

The bride, however, wasn’t the only one receiving attention in the forums on her wedding day. Her sister Philippa (Pippa) was a stunner in her slinky white Alexander McQueen dress. Tigerrouge wrote, “I cannot believe how great Pippa looks, that dress is a beautiful shape on her.” Flashbang went as far as to say that Pippa “stole the scene,” but the day was really all about Kate, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and I don’t think anyone can say that she didn’t rise to the occasion and perhaps even exceed expectations.

For more commentary from the forums on the wedding, the guests, and what everyone wore, click here.


Model Maryna LinchukDNA vs. Ford

DNA Model Management is suing Ford Models for allegedly luring away model Maryna Linchuk (you may recognize her from her Victoria’s Secret appearances) and damaging DNA’s reputation. DNA has represented Linchuk since February 2006, but on April 15, she sent an email to the agency indicating that she was thinking of leaving. DNA is alleging that representatives from Ford solicited Linchuk and that they induced her to break her contract with them. Ford has also supposedly contacted DNA’s clients and contacts to spread the word about Linchuk’s alleged dissatisfaction with the agency, thus damaging their reputation in the modeling community.

For members of the Fashion Spot forums, news of the lawsuit did not come as much of a surprise. “I knew DNA wouldn't take that loss lightly,” wrote TREVOFASHIONISTO. TianSoFine posted, “I think a few of us at the ‘switching agencies’ thread saw this lawsuit coming. Maryna Linchuk definitely isn't a small loss.”

Many agreed that Ford Models comes off looking bad here, regardless of whether Linchuk was dissatisfied with DNA. “If a model wants to leave, so be it; but for Ford to go out their way to discredit an agency's reputation along the way is a no-no,” wrote modela. “Ford has the money and the connections to develop models to the top, why go around being shady?” she asked.

In zoom’s opinion, “Ford has not been able to launch their own 'Super' yet so they are poaching from other agencies and covering their bases with attitude. Strange way to do business.” A strange way to do business indeed. We’ll see who comes out of this lawsuit on top.


Staff Shakeup at W

At W, Alex White is out, and Edward Enninful is in. Enninful is stepping into the role of fashion and style director, a position that White is vacating after sixteen years with the publication. White also worked as a freelance stylist and creative director while at W and has now stepped down to focus exclusively on other projects. Apparently the decision for her to leave W was mutual. 

News of the changing of the guard at W is bittersweet as many forum members like and appreciate the work of both White and Enninful. Though we all have no choice in the matter, if White has to leave W, then Enninful seems like a great replacement. Wolkfolk wrote, “Didn't see this coming at all. SHE is W more than anyone else. On the other hand, Edward is one of my favorite stylists so I can't wait to see what he'll bring to the magazine.” Missnyc agreed, adding that White “was the soul of W.”

For lebigt there was nothing bittersweet about the news, just excitement about the magazine's new direction. “This is major. I'm definitely subscribing to W, now,” he wrote.

He’s got some big shoes to feel, but something tells me Enninful is up for the challenge.


Olivier Rousteing - New head designer of BalmainOlivier Rousteing is Balmain’s New Man

Olivier Rousteing, who has been in charge of Balmain’s womenswear studio since 2009 and previously spent five years at Roberto Cavalli, has been confirmed as the replacement for Christophe Decarnin at Balmain. Rousteing is relatively unknown and there seems to be rumors floating around that Emmanuelle Alt may have been largely responsible for the success of the fashion house in recent years, so even though he was previously a key deputy of Decarnin’s, Balmain’s potential for future success remains to be seen. Also cause for concern is the news that stylist Melanie Ward, who was brought in to consult for the brand after Alt’s departure, will no longer be working for the label.

Once a photograph of Rousteing surfaced however, discussion turned from speculation about the brand to comments about how good-looking he is. “I'm glad I'm not the only one who's too distracted by his good looks to make a useful comment on this,” laughed Psylocke. Purplethistle commented, “I was just thinking that even if a collection was a bit lackluster all would probably be good once he pops out at the end of the finale walk.”

Lascivious comments aside, Rousteing has a tough job ahead of him, and in the end, it’s the clothes that we’re all interested in. As Wolkfolk put it, “He really looks handsome, but he has a lot to do to make the Balmain interesting again. And attractive or not, if he simply repeats what Christophe [Decarnin] was already repeating every season I will not be gentle with him.”

The fashion crowd isn't really known to be gentle anyway, right? No special treatment here; no matter how cute you are.


Images courtesy of Zak Hussein/ and the Fashion Spot Forums