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Forum Buzz: Kate Bosworth is Cotton’s New Girl; Missoni Zigzags Over to Target

Kate Bosworth Cotton adThe Fabric of Kate’s Life

Kate Bosworth is the latest celebrity singing the praises (literally) of cotton in a new commercial for Cotton Inc. If there’s one word that can sum up the ad, it has to be “cute.” Singing in a girlishly cute and breathy voice, Kate shows off a cotton-filled closet while parading about in cotton clothes. 

“What a lovely voice! I didn’t expect her to sound like that,” wrote jackie-oh, expressing the surprise that many other forum members also felt upon hearing Bosworth sing. “And the commercial is very cute,” she added, of course.

Babyjaney also thought the ad was “very cute, though I don't imagine her closet looking anything like that!”

Check out the video below to judge the level of cuteness for yourself.


Swirls and Zigzags Coming to a Target Near You

Missoni will be bringing its signature zigzags to Target in the fall (September 13 through October 22 if you want to get specific), and the 400-plus items that will hit the stores make this collaboration the largest of its kind for Target thus far. Get set for clothes for women, men, and kids, and everything from sheets to an abundance of dinnerware in lots of signature Missoni prints. 

Fashion Spot forum members are excited for what’s in store. “Amazing! I can't wait. I love Target Collabs!” exclaimed ElizabethJaime.

YoninahAliza was also enthusiastic about the possibilities. “I really like the sound of this collection, I hope it turns out well because Missoni has so many great prints that I would hate to see it look like rubbish. I loved the collection that target did with Liberty of London so I'm hoping it's like that.”

“I'm kind of more excited about the homeware items than the clothes themselves,” Mulletproof admitted. But, she added, “if they do something along the lines of their F/W '08 collection, then I'm in. Some of their long shawls and cardigans in earth tones (no prints for me) would be happy in my closet.”

With over 400 pieces in this collaboration, there just might be something for everyone. 


Googly-eyed for Gosling in Glasses

Pictures of Ryan Gosling leaving LAX spurred the ladies (and perhaps a gentleman or two) in the Fashion Spot forums into a flurry of fawning comments. Remember when glasses were considered nerdy? Apparently they’ve officially crossed over into sexy territory.

Ryan Gosling leaving LAXRyan Gosling gets coffee

This being a fashion forum, Wolkfolk attempted to stay on topic with a comment on Gosling's style. “Love his outfit, his loafers and glasses are great,” he posted.

Alvedansen made no efforts to conceal a serious crush on the 30-year-old actor. “I'd seriously drop dead if I ever got to meet him, he's pure perfection!” she declared. Adding, “He has such cool style and the glasses look great on him.”

ChillChaser wrote, “He's always so masculine and elegant,” which are words that you don’t necessarily see together too often. She agreed with the others about his glasses, saying, “I hope they're prescription so we get to see them on him again.” Her wish was granted the next day when he went out for coffee wearing the glasses once more.

So, does this mean we should encourage all of the men out there to run out and get a pair of glasses? Does it do wonders for their sex appeal, or is it just a Ryan Gosling thing? Silly question… it’s definitely Ryan Gosling. It doesn’t really matter what he’s wearing, does it?


DoveDove Says Underarms are Ugly

“Was anyone else annoyed over these ads? I found them very insulting,” asked lucy92 when she shared an article from about Dove’s latest advertising ploy. Dove’s “Go Sleeveless” campaign declares that "nearly 100% of women" find their underarms ugly – this based on Unilever PLC research that found 93% of women consider their armpits unattractive. So now we have to worry about having pretty armpits? Thanks Dove. 

“This makes me roll my eyes so hard,” wrote hautechild. “Make your underarms beautiful with Dove! What's next? Underarm botox? Underarm facials? All in the quest for a more beautiful armpit? Who, aside from the women they ‘surveyed’ has ever thought about how attractive their underarms are? Just what we all need, something else that we're supposed to worry about not being beautiful enough.” Who wants to tell hautechild that underarm botox already exists? Her eyes might lodge themselves permanently into the back of her head.

ChloeFrancoise was on the same page. “It's never occurred to me to consider my armpit attractive or unattractive. Just don't smell bad please. Also what does a beautiful armpit look like to begin with? Please someone explain this to me,” she asked. Apparently, according to Dove anyway, a beautiful armpit looks like Jessica Szohr’s – the Gossip Girl star is the face (and armpit) of the ad campaign. 

For Hebden, this campaign is just one in a long line of insults coming from Dove. She answered lucy92's original question, saying: “To be honest, I find all the Dove ‘real beauty’ ads insulting. This one is just a little crazier than some others.”


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