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Forum Buzz: Blake Lively’s Barely There Mini; Gisele Makes Bank

Blake Lively at Chanel Cruise 2011 wearing ChanelI Can Almost See Your…

Was Blake Lively taking fashion tips from fellow Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen when she chose her outfit for Chanel’s Cruise show the other day? Her slim black sequined blazer and cream-colored shell with a beaded detail were beautiful – she got it right on top – but the outfit was a bit of a scroll-down disaster. With her fantastic never-ending legs, Blake could almost get away with her crotch-grazing skirt, but in the end, the verdict from the Fashion Spot forum members was that the Chanel mini resulted in a fashion faux pas. Keeping it classy up top does not negate the effects of a too-short skirt.

“I'm sorry, the skirt is just incredibly short,” posted littlepaperstars. “She's showing off an awful lot and nearly a hell of a lot more!… I'm no prude and I'm all for experimenting with fashion and I know she's young but it just looks kind of cheap. I'll give [credit where it’s due] though, she's covered up her boobs this time.”

Advo had a similar take: “In typical Blake Lively fashion, she shortened the original design again. Does she really like her skirts that short? So she can show off her fabulous legs? Good for her that she has a hot bod and wants to show it off all. the. time. But that outfit? Just looks tacky to me. Can't believe it's Chanel,” she wrote.

Just a few more inches of fabric and it could’ve been a home run… or slam dunk… insert any non-fashion related sports analogy here.


Gisele Bundchen Ipanema sandal launchForbes Says Gisele Is Rich

Gisele Bundchen topped the Forbes list of the world’s top-earning models again this year. Joining Gisele in the top three were Heidi Klum and Kate Moss – not much of a surprise there. According to Forbes, Gisele made an estimated $45 million last year, an increase of $20 million over the previous year’s earnings (in part due to an economic boom in Brazil and a surge in value of Brazilian currency in comparison to the U.S. dollar). 

“She's going to be a billionaire soon if she keeps working this much and being so much in demand. Craziness,” predicted Psylocke.

Michelabella found the news of increased earnings to be strange since Gisele “hardly worked last year after the birth of her son,” but Ochi Chernye was quick to point out that “Forbes takes into account all business ventures, not just modeling.”

Tigerrouge asserted: “I believe she has in many areas – including property – which, when added to her earnings from modeling and the profits from her businesses, probably do add up to a considerable income, when taken together. Money makes money – earning the first million is the hardest part, but once you can invest serious amounts in sensible ventures, the returns can roll in.”

Looks like Gisele has been playing her cards right.


Tanya Dziahileva Drops By

In other model news, Tanya Dziahileva, stopped by the Fashion Spot forums to let members know, “I am still here sometimes.”

Tanya Dziahileva model closeupTanya Dziahileva photographed by Jannis Tsipoulanis

“It's so good you are still here,” BibiRose posted excitedly.

Jiaqi welcomed Tanya back, saying: “You are still gorgeous as ever. Hope you are enjoying your life [in Los Angeles].” The young model recently relocated to the West Coast, and of course our savvy Fashion Spot members are aware of that.

Tanya departed, leaving forum members with some hugs and kisses, “xoxoxo,” but we love it whenever a model drops by her own thread to say hello, and Tanya is no exception. We hope to see her around again soon!


Blake Lively image courtesy of tifan, Gisele Bundchen image courtesy of Seskim/, Tanya Dziahileva images courtesy of 838 Media Group via twitter, and  Jannis Tsipoulanis/