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Trendspotting: SJP and Cheryl Cole Try Out the Lion Mane Look (Forum Buzz)

Sarah Jessica Parker lion mane hairCheryl Cole lion mane hair at X Factor auditions

Could this be the start of a new trend? In the past week alone, we’ve had two high profile celebrities appear in public with a voluminous hairstyle that frames the face like a lion’s mane. 

On May 9, at the Robin Hood Foundation Gala in New York City, Sarah Jessica Parker, a trendsetter since her days as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, sported this new type of bouffant, and members of the Fashion Spot forums were none too happy about it. Her body hugging purple Halston Heritage tank dress got a positive reception, but despite its extreme volume, her hair fell flat.

“The color [of her dress] is lovely and [I] love the clutch but the hair needs to be seriously deflated,” wrote Melly5525.

Other members joined the chorus, lamenting the hair style. “OMG… Super, ahem, HUGE FAIL on the hair,” posted Not Plain Jane, while newprincesita cried out with an, “Oh honey, that hair!” and left it at that.

Voguetta was a bit more kind, and even found something positive to say. "Somehow i like the look… I know, it's a bit lioness… but I'm overdone and bored with the flat wave hair," she wrote.

Meanwhile, a day before SJP debuted her lion’s mane in New York, Cheryl Cole outfitted herself with a lion’s mane of her own at the Los Angeles auditions for the U.S. version of X Factor. The hairstyle is so over the top it seems to have its own identity.

“Why is her hair like a lion's?” asked honeycombchild. “She's capable of much better!” 

And, just like with SJP, even when forum members liked the outfit, they couldn’t get past the hair. “Great colors but her hair is hideous,” wrote KamenKutak. Liaa liked the outfit, but couldn’t resist stating that “her hair is a disaster. ”

With that kind of reception, I’d say this is a hair trend worth steering clear of.


Sarah Jessica Parker image courtesy of zimbio, Cheryl Cole image courtesy of Nikki Nelson/