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Rick Owens Thinks Men Should Don Dresses

In Paris last week for his Spring 2012 runway presentation, Rick Owens showed a collection of what can only be described as dresses for men. Alexei from Moscow seemed to be a proponent of the look. “I think this is pretty interesting,” he wrote. “Something new at least, yet still remaining true to the Rick Owens aesthetic.”

Rick Owens menswear Spring 2012 - skirts and dresses for men

For margielamike2004, the collection was right up his alley. He posted, “Brilliant collection. I had a feeling Rick would jump onto the skirts-for-men idea. I truly don't see much femininity in this collection… None of the men are wearing a long frilly skirt in shades of pink; they're wearing very neutral colors and a more somber palette, which is typically what the majority of men wear… Society is hell-bent on perceiving a long shirt or a short skirt as women's attire… To me, a skirt only being allowed to be worn by a woman is a very narrow-minded viewpoint. Gender and sexuality are of no significance and most men would fear to admit that wearing a skirt is actually MORE comfortable than wearing a pair of trousers. I wear long MEN'S skirts by Comme des Garcons Homme Plus ALL the time but they're made in a masculine color: black, dark navy blue with pinstripes… and I wear them with heavy boots or shoes, a sport coat, and sometimes with a necktie. Criticism from others is unavoidably expected, but [most men are] simply not brave enough to [wear skirts].” 

Squizree thought this collection represented the “PERFECT example of how skirts and dresses CAN look masculine,” but Marc10 remains unconvinced of the skirt’s crossover appeal. “As much as I love Rick's aesthetic, dresses and skirts don't work for men. NEVER,” he stated.

So, what’s the final verdict? Yay or nay on skirts for men? They’re certainly not for the faint of heart.