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Emma Stone Gets Red Hot for Vanity Fair (Forum Buzz)

Emma Stone Vanity Fair August 2011 CoverEmma Stone has had a big year thus far, and the headlines on Vanity Fair’s latest cover are touting three new movies of hers between now and the end of August, so her year is sure to get even better. Blueorchid thought she was a great cover choice not only because of what she has coming up, but because “she's probably one of the few celebrities that I like to see on covers now,” she said.

Style Savvy called it the “best cover I've seen so far this year. I love Emma and I'm glad she's now getting more fame, she deserves it.”

SugarMe wrote, “This definitely looks more suitable as the cover of their Vanities section but Emma looks completely stunning without being the least bit trashy. I think this is the first time I've really loved the blond hair on Emma. Can't wait to get this in the mail.” It’s interesting that she noted Emma doesn’t look trashy on the cover, especially in light of a few members saying that this cover was reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan’s Vanity Fair bikini cover.

Perhaps Vanity Fair may be trying to subliminally indicate that after the success of Easy A, Emma Stone (who, like Lindsay has been switching her hair from red to blond and back) is the newer, classier version of Lindsay. LUXXX noted, “This cover is SO Lindsay Lohan. The resemblance is out of this world.”

Lindsay Lohan Vanity Fair CoverIn reply, KINGofVERSAILLES posted, “I totally agree and I wish they'd gone in a different direction. It's not that Lindsay has sole ownership of that image, but in general I feel like people want Emma Stone to be the new Lindsay Lohan… I love both actresses, and I don't claim to know Emma, but it doesn't seem like this cover accurately represents her as a person or as an actress… it suits someone like Lindsay perfectly… THAT SAID, I can't deny that all-in-all, this is a surprisingly good cover for Vanity Fair. Regardless of the influence, it's a visually appealing photograph and she looks pretty. I'll buy it.”

Whether you agree with the Lindsay comparisons or not, there’s no denying that Emma Stone is on a hot streak.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.