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Kate Moss Wore Galliano and Blahnik to Her Wedding (Forum Buzz)

Kate Moss marries Kills front man Jamie HinceOn July 1, the day finally came that Kate Moss tied the knot with the Kills front man, Jamie Hince. It seems cliché that a musician would marry a supermodel, but this day has been a long time coming. The couple looked thrilled to be married when they emerged from the 12th century church where the ceremony took place, and the wedding was then celebrated with a three-day celebration at their country home. 

That’s all well and good, but for a style icon like Kate Moss, isn’t it really all about the dress? As predicted, the bride wore an exquisite veil and a custom-made gown by John Galliano with delicate embroidery and gold crystal beading in a peacock feather detail on the skirt. Galliano may have become something of a fashion-world pariah after his infamous drunken anti-Semitic slurs, but he still knows how to make a beautiful dress. Her shoes were Manolo Blahnik with blue satin lining.

In the forums, the wedding (and the dress) incited a posting frenzy fit for fashion royalty. ShoeGal4Eva couldn’t contain her excitement. She wrote, “Wow, the most perfect bride in the most perfect dress in the most perfect wedding. This is the wedding of my life. No royal wedding or anyone else will ever top this. I'm so happy I got to see this beauty. Cannot wait to see more pictures and know every little detail!”

Kate Moss marries Kills front man Jamie Hince - wedding party

ShoeGal4Eva wasn’t the only one who made comparisons to the other Kate’s Royal Wedding. Pavonine posted, “The dress has got to be one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. I'm going to go out on a limb and state that it's even more beautiful than Kate Middleton's.”

Kate Moss marries Kills front man Jamie Hince*ana* described Kate’s dress as “one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I've ever seen. The dress is EXACTLY the style I expected – very Kate and very Galliano, kinda 30s.” It wouldn't be a stretch to state that the dress was a big hit among forum members.

Chic stranger summed up the entire event by saying, “I think she looked so fantastic and so happy, the wedding in my opinion was quintessentially Kate! A little bit Gypsy, a little bit Rock and Roll, a lot of English tradition and a lot of class! Galliano did a fabulous job with the dress, I found it beautiful and the veil was gorgeous as well. I'm glad that after the scandal she decided to still wear it and support her friend as he has supported her in the past. I'm glad she wore Manolo Blahnik shoes, he always talks in interviews about Kate and how much he adores her and can't do without her; I think he would have been offended if she didn't wear something of his on such an important day in her life. Her makeup looked beautiful, classic and understated and the bridesmaids were so cute! But most importantly she looked so happy, I wish them all the best!”

The Fashion Spot wishes the newlyweds all the best as well!

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