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Tatler’s Creepy Pippa Collage Cover (Forum Buzz)

Tatler August 2011 Pippa Middleton flower coverTatler’s attempt to capitalize on Pippa Middleton’s post-Royal Wedding popularity resulted in a HUGE fail. Did they have one of their interns put together the cover this month? I can’t imagine what was going through the head of the person who thought it was a good idea to wreath a black and white photo of Pippa from her sister’s wedding in colorful clip art flowers.

Forum members had no problem tearing in with the criticism. “That's so tacky, looks like the poster a 12-year-old girl dreaming of royalty would've made for her bathroom out of a newspaper cutout,” MulletProof posted.

LolaSvelt wrote, “This is so bad. I could've made this in Paint.” TheCheekyCritic dug in even deeper, responding, “My CAT could've made this in Paint. When I saw this, a couple of thousand of my brain cells in the Aesthetics-department immediately wanted to commit suicide, but I stopped them at the last minute. Nevertheless I do believe Tatler just hit rock bottom.”

Beyond the garish design and concept of the cover, many people don’t seem to understand this new Pippa phenomenon. “I cannot even post a comment sarcastic enough to describe how ridiculous this cover is. She. Is. So. F-ing. Boring,” HeatherAnne stated.

Carmen_kass asked, “Are we still trying to make Pippa happen?” With a cover like this one, Tatler may have just inadvertently shrunk Pippa’s fifteen minutes of fame. 

Image courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.