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Christian Lacroix Designs for Desigual (Forum Buzz)

There’s nothing like couture week to make us miss Christian Lacroix’s unique and extraordinary talent. So it’s interesting that while other designers are showing their couture confections in Paris, we’re getting our first look at Lacroix’s collaboration with Barcelona high street brand Desigual

According to Lauren Sherman at Fashionista, the clothes are slated to hit Desigual stores in Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom on July 11. No word as of yet if US customers will be able to purchase any of the items online.

Christian Lacroix for DesigualChristian Lacroix for Desigual

Forum member reactions to the collaboration were mixed. “This news should make me happy but it just makes me sad,” ultramarine lamented. “He should be out there showing couture and he's now doing clothes for Desigual.”

I for one had never heard of Desigual before and wasn’t particularly thrilled by the preview. “I don't know if this will be available in the US, but from what I can see I wouldn't want any of it,” I posted

Christian Lacroix for DesigualChristian Lacroix for Desigual sketch

Mackos seemed to think that Lacroix and Desigual were a good match. He wrote, “I think Desigual is pretty much his style, I´m loving the [red, black, and gold] coat.”

Kayote appeared to be on the fence. “Desigual is a very offish brand if you get what I mean, very loud and vibrant (maybe a bit too much so). I also really like the [red and black coat] and the [blue-grey plaid coat] too. However the [patchwork] design is just insane (in the wrong sense),” he wrote.

Lacroix is only just dipping his toe back into the fashion world, but has he lost his touch? Or maybe he’s just a little rusty and out of practice? Or perhaps you all completely disagree with me and think this collaboration is genius. I feel like the personification of that patchwork dress (a pile of confused thoughts) and don’t really know what to make of this. I want to like it, but somehow it's just not doing anything for me.


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