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Ashley Olsen Meets Roman Holiday (Forum Buzz)

Ashley Olsen candid style Audrey Hepburn look

Ashley Olsen stepped out to walk her dog in Tribeca the other day (how cute is that dachshund?) wearing an outfit with a distinct Audrey Hepburn/Roman Holiday vibe that forum members loved. Her crisp white shirt tucked into a navy midi skirt accessorized with Prada sunglasses, Chanel sandals, and a handbag from her new collection for the Row looked simultaneously casual and polished.

“Love that latest outfit on Ash!” lmelanie exclaimed. “SO Audrey Hepburn.” Catherine88, fashion debutant, and Thefrenchy all thought Ashley looked “so chic” and were big fans of the look. 

LolaSvelt posted, “I'm in love with this look. I don't think I've been in love with an Ashley outfit for quite some time, but this is rather amazing. The whole Roman Holiday look is my idea of a perfect summer outfit.”

0oYCRo0 also admired Ashley’s ensemble, but she cited a different potential influence for the outfit. “That style reminds me of something Carolina Herrera would wear – very classic,” she wrote. Carolina Herrera is certainly known to favor a crisp white button up for instant polish.

Whatever the influence, Ashley’s dog-walking outfit was a complete success. We should all look so good in those moments.

Image courtesy of tifan via the Fashion Spot forums.