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Dakota Fanning Sports the Ellen Degeneres Look (Forum Buzz)

Dakota Fanning short hairDakota Fanning was spotted on the set of Now is Good in London sporting a new pixie cut this week. According to ONTD, the film is about a girl dying of leukemia (hence the hairstyle) who makes a list of things she wants to do before passing away. Losing her virginity is at the top of that list. Cue the melancholy violin music.

Forum members didn’t have much to say about the movie, but they did want to talk about the hair. Chloe24 wrote, “Didn't expect to see Dakota with such a drastic haircut. So far I don't like it but I need to see better pics of it.”

Alvedansen pointed out that the new look likely came courtesy of a wig for the role (which turned out to be true), but that didn’t stop the flow of incoming opinions. “I actually like the haircut, from what I can see. So nice to see something completely different!!” alacrity posted, adding, “Although it is very Ellen Degeneres.”

Nicolev also liked the new look saying, “I think it looks very good… actually better than long hair. It makes her prettier!!!” Casaanova liked the hairstyle shakeup. “The wig makes her look so much older, and very edgy as well. I quite like the new look, and kind of hope it's real!” No such luck casaanova, sorry.

Other members were happy to hear that Dakota’s Degeneres 'do came courtesy of a wig. “That's a relief,” wrote catherine88. “She looks a lot better with longer hair.”

Image courtesy of ONTD via the Fashion Spot forums.